California Bicycle Racing Criterium: CashCall continues to win!

How Sweat a Victory Is!

By Brian McCulloch

Author Brian McCulloch. Photo Credit: Danny MunsonAuthor Brian McCulloch. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

We often hear the adage that ‘history does repeat itself’.  This past Sunday for the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team this definitely proved true. This past weekend I was able to enjoy a great racing event put on by the fine folks of California Bicycle Racing. I began my racing career at CBR events so I always like to attend their events. Myself, Chris “The Man Beast” Barton, Devan “GQ Curls” Dunn, and David “The Ninja Ginger” Santos lined up for one of the final SoCal Cup criteriums of the season. Last year at this race our team turned the screws early to the peloton and were able to put together a break away with a few willing participants. Ultimately, we produced a 1-2 result for our team from Santos and me.

Lining up for Sunday’s race, I had hopes of repeating the performance of last year. I was committed to our teams primary objective which could come from any of the four of us: Win the bike race! It can sometimes be easy to ‘over-tactic’ a race and cause confusion, so rather than over complicate the race, the boys and I committed to racing our favorite type of racing… aggressive from the start. Continue reading “California Bicycle Racing Criterium: CashCall continues to win!”

Ontario Summers End Grand Prix: CashCall 1-2!

Great win for Chris Barton! Photo Credit: Danny Munson Great win for Chris Barton! Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The Ontario Race Series is a staple of the Southern California race calendar. The 6th and final event of the 2013 season took place this past Sunday in 100+ degree weather late in the afternoon. The CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team fielded the local riders, Devan Dunn, David Santos, Brian McCulloch and Chris Barton for the 75-minutes which was held on the 6-turn course.

The team went into the event with three specific goals. First, the team wanted to continue to improve their racing as a team and a cohesive unit. Second, the team wanted to increase Dave Santos’s SoCalCup Points where he is presently 2nd overall. Lastly, the riders committed to having either Chris Barton or Brian McCulloch go for the win since these two riders had yet to find themselves on the top step of the podium this season.

Chris Barton gives his recount of the exciting race on how the team was able to successfully execute all the goals for the day.

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California Coast Trip: Stockton to Long Beach

Author Devan Dunn racing at Brentwood Grand Prix. Photo Credit: Danny MunsonAuthor Devan Dunn racing at Brentwood Grand Prix. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team completed the the last big stage race of the season, Cascade Cycling Classic in late July. Since the race was located in Oregon, it made for a straight forward drive home to Southern California. However, four of our athletes got the brilliant idea to ride their bicycles home. From Stockton to Long Beach, Devan Dunn, Chris Barton, Fabrizio Von Nacher and Michael Weicht tackled the self-supported adventure to get home.

Devan Dunn recounted this experience of a lifetime by answering a few questions from us.

What possessed you guys to ride from Stockton to Orange County, just over 650 miles? 

It kind of started as a joke before Cascade and sounded like it would be a blast.

How did you feel getting on the bike that first day in Stockton after just finishing the 6 stages of Cascade?

That first day was actually hilarious because once the van left us on the side of the road, it really hit us how far away from home we were! As a “joke” Fabi and Michi attacked Chris and I almost immediately and we didn’t see them for about 20 minutes!….But then they needed to know where to go :-) .

Was the trip planned out? 

Chris Barton did a great job finding housing for us all the way down the coast and mapping out our routes for each day. If you’ve met Chris Barton, it’s no surprise he has plenty of friends who are always willing to help him out. We are all so thankful to the people who let us stay in there homes and took the time to take us out to dinner nightly! I would say logistically, the trip could not have gone any better.

What was your favorite food stop? I know you guys had lattes and pie every day, so this could be tough! 

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San Marcos Grand Prix: CashCall 1-2-3!

BWGPSantosAuthor David Santos racing Brentwood Grand Prix. Photo Credit: Danny Munson.

By David Santos

The CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team had returned from racing the Cascade Cycling Classic, which is an awesome 6 day NRC stage race, jam packed with challenging climbs, in Beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Due to the large and extremely competitive field of riders this year, Cascade was difficult, but on the bright side, we came home with great fitness as we entered into the tail end of the racing season.

The weekend following Cascade was the San Marcos Criterium, which, although technically a “criterium”, seems more like a circuit race. The lap is a mile long and has a steep hill, approximately 100 meters, going into the last turn which finishes on a false flat. The CashCall riders racing were Michael Weicht, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Brian McCulloch, and myself, David Santos. The day before the race, Fabi and Michi, along with Devan Dunn and Chris Barton, had just completed their 650 mile costal tour of California from Stockton to Long Beach following the Cascade Cycling Classic. The guys had a great time, and although I wish I could have made the journey with them, I must admit, I did enjoy the extra room in the van on the way home from Bend.

Once the race began, attacks started from the gun. Within the first lap, the field was strung out as many teams launched attacks in an effort to establish a break early on. Additionally, there were primes offered nearly ever other lap, which motived many riders to continue attacking. After spending the first 15 minutes of the race covering moves, the CashCall crew took advantage of a lull in activity and launched our first offensive move of the day, with Brian, Fabi, Michi and I taking turns attacking the field.

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Brentwood Grand Prix

LoaderBWGPAuthor Logan Loader on the podium in 3rd. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The 2013 SCNCA Criterium Championship race was held this past Sunday at the Brentwood Grand Prix. This is one an exciting event held in Downtown Brentwood and the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team fielded a team of 7 for the event. Local athletes Brian McCulloch, David Santos, Chris Barton, Michael Weicht, Fabrizio Von Nacher and Devan Dunn were joined by Monterey local Logan Loader. This was Logan’s first time racing BWGP and he checked in with us after the event.

Brian McCulloch and David Santos leading the charge. Photo Credit: Danny MunsonBrian McCulloch and David Santos leading the charge. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

What was your impression of the course and the event?

I thought the course was great. It was a good test of fitness and ability because it required not only technical skills but also a lot of fitness to stay at the front due to a mix of hills and windy stretches. It looked like 50% of the field did not finish the event.  Officially 102 racers started the event and only 33 are on the finishing results. Drafting wasn’t much of an advantage either due to going up a hill at lower speeds or a the cross wind coming from the side on the straight-aways.

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