FOX Epic 8-Hour Winners

Team KHS Alex James, Dan Souter, Stu Alp and Steve Good win the FOX Epic 8 hour relay race on May 8th at Mansfield outdoor center.

Team KHS recorded the most laps in the fastest time of any of the over 300 teams in the event.

A great showing for the boys in the first of the 3 race series.

Velo-city Global 2016 in Taiwan

Velo-city Global 2016 was held in Taipei, the capital city on the Island of Cyclists, or dubbed as the Kingdom of Bicycles.

KHS was one of the stars of the event and rolled out their 10-rider ‘tendem’ bicycle. Enjoy images of the event.

tower-800Velo-City 2016Velo-City 2016



First Folding Bike Competition in Bejing

folding 1

First Folding Bike Competition in Bejing. Written in Chinese. Here are some photos

KHS/Cytomax Team Conquers So. Cal.

KHS/Cytomax Team has been making some tracks in the So. Cal. MTB races.
Sean Donovan placed 4th and Chuck Jenkins placed 5th at the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.
At the Sagebrush Safari Sean Donovan took a 2nd Place.
Just last weekend Hal Helbock and Chuck Jenkins raced the U.S. Cup Final held at Big Bear. Working toegether to gain maxium series points, Hal and Chuck raced to a 3rd Place and 4th Place respectively. Hal earned a 2nd Place overall for the US Cup series.