Mountain Bike Season Update #4 | Whiskey Off Road

It was a quick turn around to leave Cali and head straight for Prescott, AZ.  I arrived in time for a beautiful evening pre-ride and course scout session. 

For a number of years I lived in the heart of America.  Locations that provided convenience for a job that consisted of flying airplanes over the coast – ANY coast – on any given day as they were all equally accessible.  I didn’t love these locations but like anywhere there is good to be found, if it isn’t in the terrain or weather then it’s the community.  My riding during these years consisted of cardinal direction roads in endless one mile grids, single track loops in redundant scrub oaks and sandy dirt, and hill repeats on waterway crossings.  Sameness plagued me and I traveled to race each and every weekend for countless hours of solo road trips to visit other places and have an excuse to ride new trails. 

While I definitely love where I now live, I have not lost the love to travel and race, the thrill of riding a new area, or the joy of becoming proficiently familiar with navigating areas not your own.  The Whiskey Off Road is impressive as many of the Epic Rides series races are in that you feel so far removed from the populace in such a short period of riding. The majority of the race gives you the impression you are out in the environment on your own with just your competitors for company.  The trails are flowing and fast and the climbing is properly challenging. 

With many trail options and plentiful connectors I typically split my Prescott pre-ride into two days, one day to ride the start and finish with a shortcut across in the middle, and another…

Mountain Bike Season Update #3 | Sea Otter Classic

Following my time in L.A. I headed north to immerse myself in the wide range of California terrain, take in a local area race on the eastern border near Nevada City and then proceed to visit some of my sponsors while ending up in Monterey for the next mountain bike UCI weekend.  While California is known for being spectacular you don’t quite grasp the extent of it without full exposure.  I can’t express how amazing it is to be free to travel and explore as I please, working and training as I go. The areas I choose to stop in were not so much pre thought out as they were simply along my route and even then there was nothing to be disappointed in. The views, terrain, and changing climate were awe inspiring.  
There’s a little bit of irony you can’t ignore when looking at the current state of elite cross-country racing.  Gone is the day where racers were attracted to the beauty of the natural setting, the quality of the single track, and the contribution of self-reliance as a determining factor in race outcome. The courses of today have become shorter, the highlighted features are generally man-made, and technical support is offered in multiple locations for those with a means to provide it. While the shorter courses are arguably spectator friendly, there are still minimal spectators to be had and generally even less competitors.

I typically site many of these factors when justifying why I switched my focus from mountain biking to cyclocross. I still cherish cross country racing as my…

KHS Delivers DVO Winter Series at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park

Bruce Klein at Bootleg Canyon
Bruce Klein at Bootleg Canyon

Bruce Klein has been looking unstoppable this season. He was looking just the same leading up to race time at Bootleg Canyon for the finals of the DVO Winter Series. Unfortunately it was not to be his day, he flatted towards the top of the track, and this ended his hopes of the win and getting up on the box for the overall.

Racing is tough, we cannot win them all, but can we applaud Bruce Klein for his massive effort!

Logan Bingelli placed a super fast second-place and taking the overall Points Title! Way to do it, Logan.

Photo by Philip Beckman