Mountain Bike Season Wrap Up | Breck Epic

My initial run at the Breck Epic 2016 was challenging.  For the full six days I was maxed out, fully pinned to hold onto the lead my partner and I had over the other coed duo teams, being the weaker of a pair takes a bit to stomach. The rules are stay together, the challenge is to communicate.  We certainly had our setbacks but to race in such an extreme setting of elevation, intensity, and duration make for as much if not more exhilaration than fatigue.  We maintained our lead throughout and upon the conclusion of the week I felt like a different person.  I had taken on challenges I hadn’t even thought to before and felt as though I was seeing the world with a fresh perspective filled with the confidence of what I could overcome. 

I spend the majority of the year seeking and pursuing challenges almost exclusively as an individual.  It is a second nature for me, perhaps born out of the excitement and fulfillment I get from being outside of my comfort zone, and the challenge of finding anyone with a matching enthusiasm. This challenge also seems to be more difficult to find with a growing breadth of experience and the passing of time. That rare opportunity to race as a team really drives home how incredibly rewarding it is to step outside of the usual pursuit of individualistic goals.

My ideal partner would be someone who shares my drive, determination, and compassion while also being similar in fitness and ability.  I take pride in being able to mentor, motivate, and encourage but also want the comfort of knowing that when the tables are turned someone has my back as well and I’m not stuck bearing the full burden of responsibility. …

Elevate to Donate 100 KHS Bicycles in Conjunction with Team Success

Photo: Above Four Media


  • Podium finishes at major races in Colorado and Utah for second-year pro racing team
  • Bike giveaway aimed at health, self-reliance among underprivileged kids

FORT WORTH, TX – August 17, 2017 – Elevate Credit, Inc. (“Elevate”), a leading tech-enabled provider of innovative and responsible online credit solutions for non-prime consumers, today announced it is donating 100 KHS Free Agent bikes to local schoolchildren to celebrate its pro cycling team’s successes, including podium (top three) stage finishes this month at the Tour of Utah and the Colorado Classic, both of which are major achievements for the second-year pro team. (more…)

Red Bull Rampage? Logan Binggeli? Yes he is.

Logan Binggel is going back to the 2017 Red Bull Rampage!! Logan had this to say about being invited back,” I feel really confident going into this years Rampage event. Its at the same venue as last year with 1 added ridge line, so after hitting 90% of my line and crashing out on my mega drop the day before finals. I feel like I only have to make the line better and land that drop! ” Congratulation Logan on receiving the invite back!!

Colorado Classic August 10-13!


Roster for the 2017 Colorado Classic

James Piccoli
Alex Hoehn
Alfredo Rodriguez
Eder Frayre
Joseph Schmalz
Innokenty Zavyalov

The Colorado Classic has four stages in Colorado Springs, Breckenridge and Denver. The 4 day stage race can be watch both through the Velorama App and on NBC Sports!

Thursday August 10th: Colorado Springs 1:10PM MST Start 93 miles
Friday August 11th: Breckenridge 2:00PM MST Start 64 miles
Saturday August 12th: Denver 1:30PM MST Start 81 miles
Sunday August 13th: Denver 12:20PM MST Start 75 miles

Schedule to watch on NBC Sports

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Tour of Utah Recap: 5th Team GC, 3 podiums & 10th Overall!

Photo: Catherine Fegan-Kim

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team had a phenomenal campaign at the Tour of Utah. The team was diligent in their preparation for the event by holding two attitude training camps in the weeks preceding the event. After spending 3 weeks in Truckee, CA the team moved to Park City, UT for another 2.5 weeks to train at altitude and to also have the opportunity to ride the upcoming stages. The opportunity to not only acclimate to the environment but also see each of the stages provided the athletes and staff the chance to begin the event with the confidence that they had come prepared. (more…)


Congratulations to Alfredo Rodriguez finishing 2nd in Stage 4 of the Tour of Utah.

James Piccoli won the Fan’s Favorite Jersey Wednesday after his attack on stage 2 with 1k to go and finished 3rd that day!

Mountain Bike Season Update #8 | Winter Park w/ Rebecca Gross

I’m not a huge fan of weekend mountain travel.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the mountains but sitting for hours on a Friday evening of stop and go traffic while driving a loaded vehicle up a 15% grade in 90+ degree weather with 5k of your angriest friends who have the exact same idea only to repeat the feat 48 hours later pointing east is in high competition with the thought “is it worth it?”
After an entire season of Friday afternoon Denver mass exodus to high ground avoidance, I packed up the van and headed up the mountains to our community junior mountain bike camp.  There’s nothing like a big smack in the face from cool temperatures and gorgeous mountain views to remind you that it should be your mission to spend as much time as humanly possible making the most of such worldly wonders.

So after camp I returned the next weekend to race, and then again the following weekend after that.  With my fat tire campaign winding down to just a re-attack of the six-day life changing Breck Epic in August, I rekindled my love for travel in a few short drives up the mountains.   The Winter Park series covers the summer snow free calendar months but I typically end up racing the one weekend that correlates with the Colorado Freeride Festival.  I enjoy the bustle of the added racers and the opportunities of getting a glimpse into the world of big travel and bigger air.  While this year the cross-country racing fell on the weekend preceding and then again after the festival, I was hardly a chore to convince me to come up and shred some singletrack awesomeness

This race begins with a thirty minute climb…

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