Harding Truck Trail Time Trial Report: Craig Spencer

Craig Spencer is one of the founding members of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling TeamCraig Spencer is one of the founding members of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team

On February 23rd, long-time supporter of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team, Craig Spencer, won his first event! A grueling race against the clock, the Harding Truck Time Trial is no joke. Thank you Craig for all your support of the our team, and congratulations on your success!

Read his report below!

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Tour de Murrieta 2013

CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team member Chris Barton recounts the first two stages of the Tour de Murrieta, 2013:

Author Chris Barton riding in the break at Saturday's Tour de Murrieta Grand PrixAuthor Chris Barton riding in the break at Saturday’s Tour de Murrieta Grand Prix

This year’s Tour de Murrieta started out with a quick but painful Individual Time Trial on Friday. The first half of the 4.1 mile course was on nicely paved roads, but the second half was atypical for a time trial. The racers turned right and headed up a rough and twisty dirt climb to the finish. Warming up under our KHS pop-up tent was mentally daunting to say the least. With heavy rain and hail being driven sideways by strong gusts of wind, it was looking like my effort was going to be less about turning the pedals and more about staying upright.

Luckily, the weather eased-up to just a drizzle by the time the Pro1/2 men were off, and I soon found myself at the start-line with 5 seconds to go. The paved part of the time trial went by extremely quickly and I was soon picking my lines through the rock-strewn turns of the dirt climb. I was able to catch my breath a bit and was able to give another good dig over the top of the climb to the finish line. After such a short, intense effort I often find myself instantly wondering where I could have gone harder, but this day I felt I had gauged my efforts pretty well given the conditions. This was happily confirmed with a 6th place finish, placing me the highest of the CashCall riders. Read more