Mountain Bike Season Update #8 | Winter Park w/ Rebecca Gross

I’m not a huge fan of weekend mountain travel.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the mountains but sitting for hours on a Friday evening of stop and go traffic while driving a loaded vehicle up a 15% grade in 90+ degree weather with 5k of your angriest friends who have the exact same idea only to repeat the feat 48 hours later pointing east is in high competition with the thought “is it worth it?”
After an entire season of Friday afternoon Denver mass exodus to high ground avoidance, I packed up the van and headed up the mountains to our community junior mountain bike camp.  There’s nothing like a big smack in the face from cool temperatures and gorgeous mountain views to remind you that it should be your mission to spend as much time as humanly possible making the most of such worldly wonders.

So after camp I returned the next weekend to race, and then again the following weekend after that.  With my fat tire campaign winding down to just a re-attack of the six-day life changing Breck Epic in August, I rekindled my love for travel in a few short drives up the mountains.   The Winter Park series covers the summer snow free calendar months but I typically end up racing the one weekend that correlates with the Colorado Freeride Festival.  I enjoy the bustle of the added racers and the opportunities of getting a glimpse into the world of big travel and bigger air.  While this year the cross-country racing fell on the weekend preceding and then again after the festival, I was hardly a chore to convince me to come up and shred some singletrack awesomeness

This race begins with a thirty minute climb…

Tour of Utah Preview

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is excited to race the 2017 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah! Racing begins Monday July 31st and will cover 7 stages across the vast state of Utah! There will be over 21 hours of televised race coverage as well as an ongoing Tour Tracker so that you can watch the action unfold live. Preliminary Press Release with teams in attendance and riders to watch can be found HERE.

TV & Tour Tracker Information 

From the Tour of Utah: “Live, daily HD coverage presented by the Utah Sports Commission

Broadcast partner FOX Sports Network (FSN) will provide a total of 21 hours of national programming this year for the Tour of Utah, including 10 hours of live coverage. The Tour Tracker® app for web and mobile devices will provide start-to-finish live video, commentary, and tracking. (more…)

Utah Training Camp

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is enjoying a great training camp in Park City, UT. After spending two weeks in the mountain town of Truckee, CA it was time to move the team 1,000ft higher to Utah where they could have the opportunity to preview the upcoming Tour of Utah routes.

Today the the riders tackled Stage 1  which begins in Logan, UT and climbs up over Bear Montain. On race day the course will cover 132 miles and over 6K ft of climbing. Once over Bear Mountain, they descended into Idaho and rode around Bear Lake before beginning the climb back up to Logan. The temperatures were high and the wind was stiff, which made it a great day for testing the body in race-day elements.

They will have 2 more focused route recon rides in the upcoming days as their final prep will lead them into the beginning of the event on July 31st.

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Canadian Climber James Piccoli Has Arrived

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is excited to announce the addition of James Piccoli to the roster for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. James is a native of Montreal, Canada and will be bringing an impressive depth of climbing to the team for the upcoming Tour of Utah and Colorado Classic.

“We are super excited to welcome James Piccoli to the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team,” Director Heath Blackgrove explains. “He has taken a big step up in the last year and has really impressed us. He is consistently at the front end of every hard race and I am positive that with the help and support of our team, he will continue to progress. He is a great addition to our team and we are all excited to work with him.”

James has joined several of his new teammates in the mountain town of Truckee, CA for an altitude training camp.  This has doubled as a great way to jump straight into the team environment. With 6 teammates to tackle long rides with, the benefit will be undeniable come race time.

“The training in Truckee is awesome! I am having so much fun exploring new roads and the scenery here is incredible. The transition to the new team has been super easy because of how great the staff and riders have been and how welcoming they are, ” James recounted as we discussed his new setting. “We have already had some good rides, good dinners and good laughs so I can’t ask for much more. I’m really looking forward to The Tour of Utah and hoping to be a bit of a surprise there! I have never raced this event before, but I believe the team will come away with some pretty good results.”

James recently raced for…

3rd Annual Ride to Remember – Bluffton, OH

3rd Annual Ride to Remember in Bluffton, OH. CG Pro Bikes in Bluffton helped organize the ride and set up under their our cool KHS canopy. For three years they’ve had perfect weather and great rider reviews. Fast riders and families alike come out to ride and the numbers keep growing. Almost all resources are donated, so almost 100% of the registration fees goes to the local Lions Club that is installing new bike paths here in Ohio.

Mountain Bike Season Update #7 | Healing and the Firecracker 50

For those athletes that don’t enjoy time off the bike that time tends to get mandated by circumstances out of their control. With a full fall of cycloross and a full spring of mountain biking, mid-summer is typically when I get a bit of a break.  Even then sometimes the trails are calling or the weather is just perfect and I can’t quite bring myself to stay off the bike.  This round with a cracked rib and then an unrelated course of antibiotics I found myself happily (but rather guiltily) avoiding training. 

There were still plenty of activities to partake in and as someone who generally rides and trains solo, I was very much enjoying a rare taste for the social aspect of self-propelled machines with two wheels.  I coach a local juniors program, partook in bike to work day (that counts if you are working at home, right?!), set the pace for a friend to PR our local hill climb challenge, went to see fireworks, joined “Lookout week” for ridiculously early morning laps that ended with in town coffee stops, commuted across town for further away trail head meetings with the kids, and had evening spin outs to the local breweries.
My conclusion to this week of spending time with friends while on bicycles was that I love my community and even though I’m away for a good portion of the year I’ve chosen the right place to settle down.  Further proof was found when I finally addressed the abscessed tooth from my broken face crash a few years back.  I never took care of the tooth because it wasn’t an outwardly obvious issue (my dentists would care to disagree) and the…

US Professional National Road Championships

US Nationals-

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team enjoyed their time in the city of Knoxville, TN to race The US Professional Road Race Championship Time Trial and Road Race. Topping the teams performance in the Individual Time Trial was Cory Lockwood, finishing in 16th place, just seconds out of a top ten placement.

Sunday six riders from the team lined up to contest the Stars and Stripes Jersey. On a course that covered 14 laps equalling 110 miles with over 9,000 ft of climbing, the team was ready for the action. As the race unfolded, both Cory Lockwood and Alex Hoehn remained the lead group on the road. Ultimately, Alex Hoehn finished 22nd on the day.

North Star Grand Prix Success

Photo Credit: Dean Warren

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team had a fantastic campaign at the 2017 North Star Grand Prix. With 6 stages spanning 5 days, this PRT event is one of the most challenging on the calendar. Beyond the intensity of the event is the challenge of the technical aspects the courses boast.

Beginning with a 5 mile time trial, the general classification was set with Cory Lockwood and Innokenty Zavyalov 7th & 8th going into stage 2. The St. Paul Criterium was on a different course this year and the excitement increased as the race was restarted with just a few laps remaining. The team remained focused and Alfredo Rodriguez sprinted to an impressive victory ahead of Justin Williams – Cylance and Ty Magner from Hincapie.
The Menomonie Road Race, stage 3,  found the Elevate-KHS riders at the front of the peloton, with the height of excitement coming from a late day breakaway of power houses Connor Brown and Cory Lockwood. With over 2 minutes on the field with 40K remaining, the duo committed to going 100% which forced the other teams to chase. Although they were caught before the finishing circuits, their efforts allowed Alfredo Rodriguez to sprint for another podium, finishing 3rd on the day. Connor Brown was also awarded the Most Aggressive Rider Jersey at the end of the stage.

KHS leaves Big foot print @ the North Star Bicycle Festival

Alredo-Big Foot

Last week the Elevate KHS Pro cycling team went to Minneapolis, MN for the North Star Bicycle Festival, and left a BIG foot print at the race! Alfredo Rodriguez once again come out strong and won the opening stage.


He kept the legs hot and took 3rd on the second stage which also put him into the lead for the JACK LINKS BEEF JERKY Sprint Jersey and teammate Connor Brown took over the Most Aggressive Rider Jersey, which he kept for two days.


Alfredo was able to keep the field off and hold onto the Sprint jersey for the overall. The team road great and are now off to the Knoxville, TN for the US Pro Time Trail and Road Race, good luck guys!!