US Professional National Road Championships

US Nationals-

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team enjoyed their time in the city of Knoxville, TN to race The US Professional Road Race Championship Time Trial and Road Race. Topping the teams performance in the Individual Time Trial was Cory Lockwood, finishing in 16th place, just seconds out of a top ten placement.

Sunday six riders from the team lined up to contest the Stars and Stripes Jersey. On a course that covered 14 laps equalling 110 miles with over 9,000 ft of climbing, the team was ready for the action. As the race unfolded, both Cory Lockwood and Alex Hoehn remained the lead group on the road. Ultimately, Alex Hoehn finished 22nd on the day.

North Star Grand Prix Success

Photo Credit: Dean Warren

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team had a fantastic campaign at the 2017 North Star Grand Prix. With 6 stages spanning 5 days, this PRT event is one of the most challenging on the calendar. Beyond the intensity of the event is the challenge of the technical aspects the courses boast.

Beginning with a 5 mile time trial, the general classification was set with Cory Lockwood and Innokenty Zavyalov 7th & 8th going into stage 2. The St. Paul Criterium was on a different course this year and the excitement increased as the race was restarted with just a few laps remaining. The team remained focused and Alfredo Rodriguez sprinted to an impressive victory ahead of Justin Williams – Cylance and Ty Magner from Hincapie.
The Menomonie Road Race, stage 3,  found the Elevate-KHS riders at the front of the peloton, with the height of excitement coming from a late day breakaway of power houses Connor Brown and Cory Lockwood. With over 2 minutes on the field with 40K remaining, the duo committed to going 100% which forced the other teams to chase. Although they were caught before the finishing circuits, their efforts allowed Alfredo Rodriguez to sprint for another podium, finishing 3rd on the day. Connor Brown was also awarded the Most Aggressive Rider Jersey at the end of the stage.


KHS leaves Big foot print @ the North Star Bicycle Festival

Alredo-Big Foot

Last week the Elevate KHS Pro cycling team went to Minneapolis, MN for the North Star Bicycle Festival, and left a BIG foot print at the race! Alfredo Rodriguez once again come out strong and won the opening stage.


He kept the legs hot and took 3rd on the second stage which also put him into the lead for the JACK LINKS BEEF JERKY Sprint Jersey and teammate Connor Brown took over the Most Aggressive Rider Jersey, which he kept for two days.


Alfredo was able to keep the field off and hold onto the Sprint jersey for the overall. The team road great and are now off to the Knoxville, TN for the US Pro Time Trail and Road Race, good luck guys!!

Tulsa Tough – 2nd Overall for Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team had a great campaign at Tulsa Tough this past weekend. Covering three days, the criterium omnium is one of the favorite within the country. Each course is unique with technical aspects and the added incentives for racers of large primes and prize purses. Friday night hosted the first event of the weekend, the Blue Dome Criterium. The promotors ran the course in the opposite direction than previous years and with over 150 pro men in the field, the tight course and nerves of the peloton came together to create not one but two crashed large enough to neutralize the field. As the the minutes ticked by and our athletes stayed out of the fray, it was apparent the finale would come down to a sprint.

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Alfredo Rodriguez was able to sprint to a close second at the end of the 60 minutes of racing. This placed him 2nd overall in the Omnium Points going into the second stage on Saturday.

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The Brady Arts District Criterium took place Saturday evening with a bit more…

Mountain Bike Season Update #6 | GoPro Mountain Games

The core of being an endurance athlete, or really any type of dedicated athlete is the need to do your best.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into any event and any number of factors that can result in an abrupt change of plans, adjustment to your pre-race timeline, and a consequent wave of terror when an unexpected issue comes into play.  The goal would be to be prepared for all of these and have contingency plans to accommodate accordingly but regardless of planning things do go wrong.  I’ve been lost on the way to races, caught in non-moving traffic, suffered flats on the start line, or even forgotten a key piece of gear upon arrival to the venue.  Fortunately I’ve mostly steered clear of pre-race injuries or accidents but this round I wasn’t so lucky. 

I had a minor crash earlier in the week; I was goofing off doing wheelies and toppling over backwards likely left a crack in my number eleven rib.  After a morning of getting ready for the GoPro Mountain Games cross country event I was leaning forward over the bed in the van…..and sneezed.  Anticlimactic as it was, it put me on the floor unable to move with pain.  The way it was described to me, in that position – leaning forward with my weight on my elbows spreading the ribs out to their max was the perfect storm to apply pressure from the inside and result in a break. 

It’s fairly anxiety inducing to not be able to commit to your pre-race routine as the plan is regimented to fit the timeline you have available.  Wake up, wash up, eat food, prep equipment, social media, warm up, head to start line, none of these things really leave time…

Tulsa Tough

What an amazing race this years Tulsa Tough stage race was! the Elevate KHS pro cycling team was there to race and they finished with a podium every day, including getting team rider Alfredo Rodriguez to 2nd over all! Next stop is the North Star Bicycle Festival, good luck guys!

Blue Dome-32

Alfredo took 2nd on day one of Tulsa tough


On day two Alfredo finished in 3rd place.River Parks-36

The team finished the 3 day race by getting Alfredo into 2nd place overall.

Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic

Photo Credit: Lee McDaniel

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team spent last weekend racing in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic. The event consisted of 3 dynamic criteriums snaking through the OKC downtown. Steady rain and heat did not deter the racers as they battled for top honors each day. Ultimately, Alfredo Rodriguez finished 3rd at Saturday’s Film Row Criterium, and Cory Williams placed 3rd on Sunday at the finale of the event, Automobile Alley.


PezCycling Feature: Tour de Taiwan with Brian McCulloch

Thanks to longtime partner Xpedo Pedals, athlete Brian McCulloch’s experience racing at the Tour de Taiwan this sprint was featured on! It was fantastic to have the chance to share the experience and the team is excited to go back next year to race in Taiwan again! To read Brian’s full report, follow this link: Xpedo Rider Diary: Brian McCulloch in Taiwan!

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Tour of Utah Invitation

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is excited to announce their invitation to race the 2017 Tour of Utah! The event spans 7 days July 31st – August 6th, covering much of the vast state of Utah. To learn more about the stages that the riders will face, follow the link to Event Routes. The invitation to this prestigious event is very exciting for our athletes, organization and sponsors. As the event draws near, we will inform our fans and partners of the best avenues to follow the race from home so that you can be part of the live action as well.

The team will be taking an 8 man roster to the event, riders of which will be announced closer to the event. Thank you to all of our supporters and partners for helping this goal come to fruition!

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2 out of 3 in OKC

 Elevate KHS pro cycling team keep their podium run going with 2 more podiums at the Oklahoma City Classic. Alfredo pulls off a 3rd place finish at he Film Row Crit on Saturday, and Cory Williams takes 3rd on Sunday at the Pro-Am Classic. Great job guys!! Keep it rolling!!