Castillo Tour de Murrieta Overall Winner: By Duban Sanchez

Photo Credit: Danny Munson Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The first stage of the Tour de Murrieta was the Individual Time Trial, which consisted of a 4 mile course with a very unique dirt section in the last mile or so. Before everyone started their warm-up, Paul had a small talk with us about the plan. The plan was to get the best time possible, but having in mind that it was better if we went hard on the first part of the course but to save some in the tank for the dirt section. After we all finished the TT and rode back to the team van, we found out that Ulises got second place by just 2 seconds to a Jelly Belly rider. This made all of us happy because we knew we had high chances to be able to help Ule win the Tour de Murrieta for the second year in a row.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

The second stage was the Grand Prix Criterium, which was 75 minutes on a fast and really technical six corners course. The plan for the team was to keep everything together for a field sprint in order to set up Ulises for the final sprint, so that he could get enough points to take the Omnium lead. Read more

Victory at Vlees Huis Ronde: By Brian McCulloch

12794716_1511519639155210_3417184171308566810_oI must admit that my flemish is a bit elementary, but I think this past weekends, Vlees Huis Ronde, is one of the most appropriately named events our team competes in all year!

The 90-mile road race has it all – plenty of climbing, technical descents, cross-wind roads, and a punchy finale that reveals every riders flaws. There is no denying it, this race is always contested by strong-men that show-up ready to race hard for the entire 90-mile race.

My memories of this course are fond as this is the route that I won the CA State Championship on. During training leading up to this years’ Vlees Huis Ronde, I continually recalled memories from that day in 2012, especially the team work my KHS teammates and I produced to make that result possible. Read more

Chico Stage Race: Ulises Castillo Podium & 4th Overall

Photo Credit: Danny Munson Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Last weekend marked the second year the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team competed in the Chico Stage Race. A nine hour drive north did not deter our riders from pinning their numbers on at one of best stage races of the season. Boasting 4 stages in just 3 days, the volume and intensity the event had to offer was too good to pass up.

Heading into Chico, Efren Flores has received the bad news that his hand was broken from a crash at Rosena Ranch. As he began his diligent recovery at home, we took Fabrizio Von Nacher, Brian McCulloch, Ulises Castillo, Robert Freeman and Cory Lockwood to race at the event.

Stage 1: Thunderhill Raceway Circuit Race The team entered this stage confident that the end would come down to a sprint finish at that Fabrizio would be best suited for a podium finish here. In the final 200 meters, Fabi was in the perfect position to launch his sprint when he got tangled and hit the raceway hard. Brian McCulloch was on his wheel and was able to avoid issues and sprinted to 6th place at the finish. Unfortunately, the crash took Fabi out of the remainder of the event.

Stage 2: Paskenta Road Race – 90 Miles The road course at Chico consists of 2, 45 mile loops, each of which contains a 5 mile dirt and gravel section. Although it is a season-favorite of our riders, it sure takes its toll on them.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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