Colorado Classic Invitation

Photo Credit: Colorado Classic

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is excited to announce that we have been invited to take part in the Colorado Classic August 10-13, 2017. The event is an 2.HC four day UCI stage race where stages will traverse Colorado Springs, Breckenridge and Denver.

Initial Press Release

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Having the opportunity to participate in this event is something the program has strived for and we would not be here without the belief and ongoing support from our partners:


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Mid-Season Interview: Brian McCulloch

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is at the half way point of the season with 15 race wins and 30 podiums. With a short racing break to focus on training for the upcoming block of racing, we took some time to connect with team veteran Brian McCulloch to hear how his season is going.

Elevate-KHS: Brian, this is your 6th season with program, but your first time racing at the UCI level, and racing internationally. What was your take away from the UCI 2.1 Tour of Taiwan?

Brian McCulloch: Besides the fast and aggressive racing, which I enjoyed immensely, what was most memorable to me at the Tour of Taiwan was the logistical support required to race literally across the entire country. KHS, Maxxis, Velo Saddles, Xpedo and FSA were integral to our success getting through the stages each day. Between their local knowledge of the routes and road conditions, as well as the fan support that came along with 4 major Taiwanese brands was incredible. I began the week knowing zero Taiwanese and intrigued about the culture, and completed the race knowing a handful of words and many new friends in a foreign country.

Elevate-KHS: The Tour of the Gila originally was not on your racing schedule. However, you received the call the week prior that you would be racing the challenging event at altitude. How…

Mountain Bike Season Update #2 | Fontana

After a month in Arizona and a short stint in St. George, Utah, I continued west to California. Last season on the Thursday before this race weekend I got online, registered for racing the following three weekends at Fontana, Bonelli, and Sea Otter, and then went out to ride for four hours.  I had picked out a trail from Strava heatmaps that would take me up and over the mountains from the valley I was staying in and descend towards the California coast.  Two hours out, right as I was about to turn around on the seemingly scarcely used, largely washed out, highly overgrown trail, I hooked a handlebar in some shrubs and crashed hard landing with my arm above my head.  I took the impact largely with my upper ribs which cramped impressively as I stood back up.  It was tough to inhale or make big movements with my arms so I limped back up the trail in the waning daylight happy the final hour would be descending. 

The course at Fontana has been in place for years, always featuring graffiti, piles of broken glass, and a bit of urban discard in the form of rusty box springs or old televisions. The area has actually been cleaned up and polished a bit with the encroachment of neighborhoods to the base of the mountain.  There is now definitively a park rather than a mere clump of rocks and while the graffiti remains, the glass is largely minimalized, no longer are there paintballers shooting at the racers, and much of the trash has been removed. 

2016 was the first year I made the pilgrimage to Cali for the spring…