Tundra Time Trial Victory


1x1.trans Tundra Time Trial Victory

Mike Olheiser putting the hurt on at Red Trolley Criterium. Photo Credit: Todd MacMillan

Time trial specialist and Alabama native Mike Olheiser tested his legs, and won, his first time trial of the season. He outclassed his competition in the Tundra Time Trial in Georgia this past weekend and told us all about it.

It is hard enough for most people to get excited for a Time Trial. Add a start time of 9:00am, 20 mph winds, and a high of the day of 40 degrees.  It made for a cold day at the office.

The short and skinny, my wife Nicole has been sick for close to a month, but still wanted to do well, so I spent the coldest part of the morning getting her bike and gear ready.  This should have been fine, except it was 35 degrees, and the motivation to get on the trainer just wasn’t there for her or myself.

By this time, about 9:30am, my hands were cold which made it hard to get air into my iRT disc wheel.  As the guys at registration stared and wondered if I was ever going to warm up, get air into the tire, and at least look like I was going to race, the answer was yes. I was cold but moving in the right direction. Finally, Hollywood Undead blasted in my ears, a couple of pounds of pressure hissed into my disc and then proceeded with my 15 minute warm up (typically 1 hour).

The course was great with rolling hills, sunshine, and did I mention the 20 mph winds from the north.  I often feel bad about anybody that starts ahead of me, but on this day, even more so.  I passed my 30 second man in the first 500 meters, ouch, sorry. I set my eyes on my 1 minute man, Jon Hart (a very good TT guy himself),  which I could see just after cresting the first hill.  He stayed about 45 seconds in front of me, I would gain some time then lose it.  Just not a good focused day, well it was my first TT of the year.  I wish I could say I finished strong, but that would be a lie.  I finished, good enough to take the top step of the podium, but that is it.  I have some work to do.

1x1.trans Tundra Time Trial Victory

Olheiser on the top step of the podium at Tundra Time Trial.

Thank Lillie Glass, for the great trophies again, and hope to see you next year.



1x1.trans Tundra Time Trial Victory