Wins for Zavyalov & Williams

California/Nevada State Time Trial Championships

Time Trial specialist Innokenty Zavyalov won the California Nevada State Time Trial Championship this past weekend in Lake Los Angeles, CA. After his blistering fast win on the 40K course, Inno talked about his success on the day:

“Early in the morning in a small desert town just north of LA, you can see riders warming up for the SCNCA State Championship Time Trial. It’s the dedicated time trialists who show up for this race, and it tends to bring together good competition. During the year there are a few chances to do a flat and long time trial like this.  I was really excited to have an opportunity to practice my craft while working on timing, pacing, pre-race routine, and test myself against some good competition. That morning there was no wind at all, which actually makes it a more challenging ride. In the years past we had a tailwind up the two slight uphills on this course. This race did not allow me to take any breaks or rest, so it was very important for me to stay within myself and not blow up. The battle was finding the golden middle between going in the red, and not pushing hard enough. It was great standing on the top step of the podium, and it gives me confidence and motivation in the face of the Pro level time trials coming up this season.”

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Bowens

Ontario Grand Prix

The following day, Cory Williams won the Ontario Grand Prix in Style, marking the 17th win of the season for the team. Cory recounted the hot and intense race:

“Cory Lockwood and I raced the mid season Ontario Criterium on Sunday. It was a super hot day and we knew that the break would go early. Our plan was to make the early break and go from there. When the race started, the first attack went on the second lap and I followed. We quickly opened a gap and before I knew it, we had day light between us and the field. The move consisted of five guys and I wasn’t happy because we had an hour to go and it was 100 degrees. I hoped more guys would come across and before I knew it, Lockwood had made his way across with two more guys.

We started pushing the break and guys started sitting-on and letting the wheel go. Eventually, they let Lockwood off the front solo and he gained forty seconds. The rest of the break got caught by the peloton while Lockwood was still up the road, and I had a feeling the counter move would stick. I followed a few moves and nothing was sticking, so I waited for a group to gain a little time and jumped across to it. This time, the break had ten of the strongest guys in it and everyone was cooperating. They brought Lockwood back with about twenty minutes left in the race, and I knew the effort he had just put in so I controlled the break for a bit so he could recover a bit. With five laps to go everyone, started attacking the break and I had to be smart about what I followed. A couple moves went and with two laps to go, three guys went up the road and another was going across to them. I didn’t want to risk four guys up the road, so I followed and as soon as I caught them, I attack going for the solo win. Everyone was tired from chasing Lockwood all day so it created the perfect opportunity to attack and go solo for a lap. We won the race by isolating the good guys from their teams and sticking to our plan!”

Watch the post-race interview with both racers to hear how the race transpiredOntario Grand Prix May 20th Win – Cory Williams

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