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Sea Otter Classic – Monterey, CA

Photos By: Monique Spaulding / Stephanie Wolf & Mike Lord / six3events.com 

Words by: Quinton Spaulding

It is always good to see the Otter, we’ve known each other for a long time now!

This is why it is called the Sea Otter “CLASSIC”!!

CLICK on the picture above to view details.

Extremely busy, Wayne D. Gray (Vice President – KHS)took time out of his schedule for a brief visit with us… great seeing you Wayne D!

Slalom was the first discipline on the agenda for our guys. This is an awesome event… I hope to see it replace 4X sooner than later.

This was a great view of the slalom track from our pits.

I believe that if  there were more slalom events, there would be way more downhillers participating.

It would also pull in more spectators for the tight head-to-head racing.

Blake Carney put on a stellar performance for KHS, qualifying 11th, taking 11th place on the day.

Carney will be racing all the 4X UCI World Cup events this year… we wish him the absolute best!

KHS Fans were a prominent feature in and about the crowds…

CLICK on the picture above to view details.

… and so were the Monterey PD, always keeping an eye on things!

A regular at the Sea Otter event, and our friends from the “Coffee Cart” were out there in the very early morning hours serving FREE delicious  Espresso coffee.

The most common request at the Sea Otter Classic you ask??… STICKERS – “Got any stickers??”

A scene from the Lake that separates the Team Tech areas from the Retail vendors.

Downhill on Sunday took place on a revamped Otter track, which flowed well, and was a vast improvement from previous tracks for sure.

Logan Binggeli’s goal for the DH, was to achieve top ten. Considering the nature of this track (larger, longer 4x) and the depth of the field that would be a valuable result.

Binggeli “laying down the power” during Sunday’s final.

He finished in a very good 14th out of 105 Elite athletes. Great top 15 finish!

Chris Heath has worked hard in the off season.

Fondly known by his team mates as the “Heath Bomb”… Chris bombs down the track during Sundays race run.

Heath placed a Strong 20th place, putting two of the KHS riders in the “creme of the crop” top twenty at Sea Otter.

Kevin Aiello had a small bobble at the top of the track.

He still pinned it… and “show boated” for the crowds!

I too got off to a bad start and never really recovered… story of my life at Sea Otter! Maybe next year Top 40?!

The Sea Otter Classic has always been an AWESOME event and we will always be there! Big SHOUT OUT to Skip Latham for all he does to make this happen!

Mens Pro DH Top 50

Pack it up… pack it in! This was the end of a long road trip. Time to re-group, train and prepare even harder for the East Coast races that will separate the men from the boys!

Until Next Time!