Bike Shop Visit: Hi-Tech Bikes, San Diego

Blog Author, David Santos, racing Red Trolley Criterium. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Blog Author, David Santos, racing Red Trolley Criterium. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Whenever the CashCall Cycling Team comes down to my hometown of San Diego, I’m  excited.  Usually when the team comes to town, it’s for one purpose……to race bikes.  However, last Wednesday night was a different scenario.  Brian, Michael, Justin, Cole, Devan, Paul, Fabrizio and myself rendezvous with Bob Vibers (the KHS Bikes rep for San Diego) at Hi-Tech Bikes for a “Meet and Greet” event.  Upon arrival, we met the two brains behind the operation, Buzz and Andrew.  As a first time visitor, I was remarkably impressed with the store and the level of professionalism displayed.  There were over a dozen bike manufactures represented and a full range of accessories neatly presented throughout the store.  They cater to road, mountain, and triathletes of all abilities, offering just about every piece of equipment you would ever need.   As I continued to walk the floor, I noticed a professional fit station, where a fit was actually being performed, and an organized repair shop ready to tackle any maintenance nightmare imaginable.   But to be honest, the most noteworthy item I saw was our KHS race bike!!!

Buzz and Andrew had three beautifully displayed KHS CashCall Team bikes on the showroom floor.  As a rider who has spent thousands of miles racing and training on this bike, it has certainly been put it to the test time and time again.  I must admit, my love for this bike and its riding experience is like no other.  But now that my team bike is in retail stores, I am excited for future owners to experience the amazing gifts this bike offers to its passenger.  A company such as KHS whose philosophy of  Knowledge, Health, and Strength as the backbones of their operation  is a company whose bike I’m honored and proud to race on.

As the night went on, I had to privilege to speak with several customers, fans, and friends who came by to meet the team.  Buzz and Andrew stocked coolers with beverages (including beer – which of course goes hand in hand with bikes) and put out some food for all to enjoy.  As I mingled amongst the crowd, there was an assortment of cycling war stories being shared, team members answering questions about training, and several tech savvy customers examining the inner workings of our race machine.

After a period of unstructured socializing, everyone sat down as the team spoke specifically about various topics.  Paul (The team Director) introduced the program, its riders, and how it all began back in 2010.  Next, Brian took center stage and provided a detailed overview about what makes our bikes so special.  After that, the team took turns sharing races goals, experiences, and what preparations take place before towing to the line of a NRC/NCC race.  Finally, the night concluded with a question and answer session.
Brian McCulloch talking about his KHS Team Flite Bicycle

Brian McCulloch talking about his KHS Team Flite Bicycle

For me, it was a very special event.  Being the “local guy,” I had friends and family who came out to meet the team and check out Hi-Tec Bikes.  It was a blast meeting fellow cyclist and catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while.  Overall, everyone I saw was smiling, enjoying their adult beverage, and truly having a great time talking about the one thing we all love……riding a bike!
Buzz, Andrew and everyone involved with Hi-Tech Bikes are truly a special group of people whose passion and commitment to serving the cycling community is bar none.
Saturday, I was able to participating in the Hi-Tech Bikes Saturday ride. This was a great ride with awesome people!

See you on the roads!



KHS Peru Graffiti

peru graffitiThe KHS Distributor in Peru had some interesting artwork painted in their offices. Wall graffiti done by one of the most renown urban painters in Lima. You can see his art all around the city. You can see the Kali logo and KHS in the bike frame. By the way, the cat is their pet cat named Miu…

Tundra Time Trial Victory


Mike Olheiser putting the hurt on at Red Trolley Criterium. Photo Credit: Todd MacMillan

Mike Olheiser putting the hurt on at Red Trolley Criterium. Photo Credit: Todd MacMillan

Time trial specialist and Alabama native Mike Olheiser tested his legs, and won, his first time trial of the season. He outclassed his competition in the Tundra Time Trial in Georgia this past weekend and told us all about it.

It is hard enough for most people to get excited for a Time Trial. Add a start time of 9:00am, 20 mph winds, and a high of the day of 40 degrees.  It made for a cold day at the office.

The short and skinny, my wife Nicole has been sick for close to a month, but still wanted to do well, so I spent the coldest part of the morning getting her bike and gear ready.  This should have been fine, except it was 35 degrees, and the motivation to get on the trainer just wasn’t there for her or myself.

By this time, about 9:30am, my hands were cold which made it hard to get air into my iRT disc wheel.  As the guys at registration stared and wondered if I was ever going to warm up, get air into the tire, and at least look like I was going to race, the answer was yes. I was cold but moving in the right direction. Finally, Hollywood Undead blasted in my ears, a couple of pounds of pressure hissed into my disc and then proceeded with my 15 minute warm up (typically 1 hour).

The course was great with rolling hills, sunshine, and did I mention the 20 mph winds from the north.  I often feel bad about anybody that starts ahead of me, but on this day, even more so.  I passed my 30 second man in the first 500 meters, ouch, sorry. I set my eyes on my 1 minute man, Jon Hart (a very good TT guy himself),  which I could see just after cresting the first hill.  He stayed about 45 seconds in front of me, I would gain some time then lose it.  Just not a good focused day, well it was my first TT of the year.  I wish I could say I finished strong, but that would be a lie.  I finished, good enough to take the top step of the podium, but that is it.  I have some work to do.

Olheiser on the top step of the podium at Tundra Time Trial.

Olheiser on the top step of the podium at Tundra Time Trial.

Thank Lillie Glass, for the great trophies again, and hope to see you next year.




CashCall Mortgage Team Visit

2013 Cycling Team with CashCall Mortgage VP Ron Radziminsky2013 Cycling Team with CashCall Mortgage Vice President Ron Radziminsky. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team veteran Brian McCulloch recounted the teams visit to CashCall Mortgage during team training camp at the beginning of February.

I may be biased, but CashCall Mortgage knows how to throw a lunch party! As a third year member of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team, I have been a part of every visit our team has made to the CashCall Mortgage corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California. I was obviously excited for our latest visit. For 2013, CashCall Mortgage really rolled out the red-carpet for our team which included a lunch-time introduction to the nearly 1,500 employee strong staff with a catered lunch. It’s good to be a representative of the CashCall brand!

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Roger Millikan Race Report


Fabrizio Von Nacher wins Roger Millikan Criterium, Justin Williams 2nd!Fabrizio Von Nacher wins Roger Millikan Criterium, Justin Williams 2nd! Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Fabrizio Von Nacher recently joined the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team. He has relocated to Los Angeles from Mexico so that he can train and race with the team. At 19, he is our youngest rider yet packs one of the most powerful sprints. Here is what he has to say about his first win for the CashCall team.

“The plan for the race was to have at least two CashCall riders in each breakaway during the first half of the race. If none of those breaks stuck, we were to start attacking the second half of the race. With 20 minutes left in the race, and there wasn’t a break up the road, we would line the team up for the field sprint. At the start of the race, I rode aggressively and then my teammates told me to take it easy and relax for the final sprint. In the last lap, the team did a great job setting up Justin Williams and me for the sprint. The team was key in helping me win and Justin placing 2nd.

I felt really good in the race and my teammates made me feel confident that I could win the race. The entire team worked very hard to set me up for the sprint. To race well and win with my family there was the best thing. My dad, coach, and god father were visiting, and it made me feel great showing them the awesome team I have and that I am with really nice people.”

Experienced racer Cole House has also set-up shop in Southern California from his snowy home in Wisconsin, so that he can make the most of the great weather and being close to the majority of the CashCall athletes.

“Sunday was our third race of the season, second crit. We definitely didn’t want it 
to end up anything near what happen at Red Trolly last Sunday. Nobody had to say it, everybody just knew as a team we had to come away with the win. In the pre-race meeting, Paul wanted to be greedy and go 1,2 and 3 (I like his style, if you don’t, that’s too bad). The Orders were “you guys figure it out and make it happen,” which is also a 
test of leadership and teamwork. Continue reading “Roger Millikan Race Report”

Palm Springs Century with KHS Bicycles


The CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team was invited to attend the 15th Annual Palm Springs Century.  KHS Bicycles is the official bike sponsor for the event. They have a booth in the expo area and they also provide neutral mechanical support at all the stops along the century route. Team members Devan Dunn, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Wes Holloway, Brian McCulloch, Chris Barton, Michael Weicht and Cole House made the trip out to the desert for the event. Newcomer Chris Barton recounted his experience on his first Palm Springs Century. Thank you Chris!

“Our weekend trip to the hottest place in California started out with a
near-freezing evening in downtown Palm Springs. Despite the cold, the wonderful
folks at the KHS tent were hard at work giving test rides and sharing
information about their bicycle models and company with anyone who was
 interested. Continue reading “Palm Springs Century with KHS Bicycles”