2017 High Lights

2017 was a great year for us here at KHS Bicycles. Enjoy this season recap of some of the epic moments for us this past years. Happy New Years everyone, and may 2018 be better!

Bassetti and Girkins Round out 2018 Roster

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is excited to announce it’s complete roster for the 2018 season. New additions, Sam Bassetti and Kevin Girkins, bring additional speed and strength to the team. Current members Eder Frayre, Brian McCulloch, Nick Torraca, and Cory Williams are also returning to the squad for the 2018 season. They bring a wealth of experience and are the backbone of the team.

Sam Bassetti had a fantastic season in 2017 winning six road races. The highlight of of his season was winning three stages of the Tour of Poyang Lake in China. “Winning three stages in China really got me back on track. It was an incredible boost of confidence realizing that all of my years of hard work were starting to pay dividends,” states Bassetti. Sam has raced in the pro peloton before with 5-Hour Energy and IRT Racing, and he is looking forward to capitalizing on his return back into the pro peleton. “I am excited to race against the best in the world this year. Having the opportunity to race the Tour of Utah and the Colorado Classic in 2018 are on the top of my list this year. I want to prove to the team that I can win when called upon and also be a fantastic team player.”

Texas native Kevin Girkins steps up to the pro ranks for the first time this year. Racing for the Elbowz Racing Team for the last three years allowed Kevin to cut his teeth on the US racing circuit, and he is looking for more. “I had the opportunity to race the Tour of Southland in New Zealand, racing in support of Elevate-KHS team leader James Piccoli. It was a fantastic experience traveling across the world and seeing how the team really commits to a goal and accomplishes it. I plan on making the most of this opportunity and surprising some people this year.”

“We are really excited about the team we have put together,” states General Manager Paul Abrahams. “Adding Sam and Kevin are the final pieces that we were looking for to add some additional strength and depth to the team. We truly believe that we have assembled one of the best teams in America and are excited for the opportunities we have ahead of us.”

2018 Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team Roster:

Sam Bassetti (USA)

Jordan Cheyne (CAN)

Eder Frayre (MEX)

Kevin Girkins (USA)

Scott Law (AUS)

Brian McCulloch (USA)

James Piccoli (CAN)

George Simpson (USA)

Nick Torraca (USA)

Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (MEX)

Cory Williams (USA)

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Cyclocross Update with Rebecca Gross




The last full month of east coast racing also featured a detour west to Kentucky for a sample of the new Louisville December 2018 cross nationals course.  Having grown up in the northeast I have a number of friends and family I get to spend time with while I’m up visiting which is made even better by their excitement to have me stay.  It’s empowering to become intimately familiar with so many different areas across the country and be able to leave for a training ride knowing where to find happy riding.  There has been a wonderful feeling of welcome this season with each area I’ve been to and it really helps to set the tone that my adventures are valuable.


3&7 Sep – Qiansen Trophy – Beijing CHN
15-17 Sep – Jingle Cross – Iowa City, IA
20 Sep – Cross Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
22-23 Sep – Trek CXC Cup – Waterloo, WI
30 Sep-1 Oct – KMC Cross Fest – Thompson, CT
7-8 Oct – Charm City Cross – Baltimore, MD
14-15 Oct – U.S. Open of Cyclocross – Boulder, CO
21-22 Oct – DCCX – Washington, DC
28-29 Oct – HPCX – Jamesburg, NJ
4-5 Nov – Derby City Cup – Louisville, Kentucky
11-12 Nov – The Northampton International – Northampton, MA
18-19 Nov – Supercross Cup – Suffern, NY
2-3 Dec – Ruts ‘n’ Guts – Broken Arrow, OK
9-10 Dec – Resolution ‘Cross Cup – Garland, TX
14 Jan – U.S. National Championships – Reno, NV

Heading up from D.C. to New Jersey included stopping for an evening dinner with a friend who has for two years now brought his family to come see the racing.  We discovered that not only had we gone to high school together we were also in the same class in 4th grade when the old elementary school year books were brought out.  It’s really incredible to feel connected over the love for cycling after so many years going in different directions.  I was also re-introduced to board games and got schooled repeatedly at Candyland in some friendly after dinner competition.

New Jersey is a bit of home for me. I spent the first few years of my life there, the riding is plentiful, and have family that I get to stay with when I come through.  Varying widely from my traditional lifestyle however, the experience can be throughly entertaining.

Um.. the cleaning lady folded my pajamas and left a 30 sheet toilet paper rose in each bathroom.

I can’t figure out the internet, I’ll be at dunkin’ doughnuts

When is it okay to wear a pink leopard print onesie in public?

It’s not just taking 20 pillows off the bed to sleep, it’s also 10 pillows off the chairs to sit down.

Why am I worried if I get a hair cut in NJ I’ll look like I stepped out of the 80’s?


The New Jersey race seems fairly flat but is deceivable climby.  This suits me just fine and I spent some time working the course in on Friday and getting the lines dialed, especially the stairs feature.

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Welcome Simpson, Law and Cheyne for 2018

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team adds three new riders for the 2018 season. Current US National Amateur Time Trial Champion George Simpson, Australian Sprinter Scott Law, and Canadian Climber Jordan Cheyne.

George Simpson comes from the highly respected Gateway Harley Davidson U25 Devo program. With a total of 11 race victories, including his 2017 US National Championship win, George made himself a highly sought after commodity on the transfer market. “We really started to take a close look at George in May. He was very dominate in the way he won both the time trial and road race at the Superior Morgul Classic Stage Race in Colorado,” stated team Co-Owner John McAllister.

“From that moment, we started to keep a close eye on him. Winning the US Time Trial Championship was confirmation of what we saw earlier in the year.” George is looking forward to joining his new teammates and testing his skill set against the best, “I’m looking forward to shining in hilly circuit races like the ones in Redlands, Gila, North Star, and Alabama as well as being a part of larger team objectives in the Tour of Utah or the Colorado Classic. I am really excited to focus on the US Pro Time Trial Championships as my primary target for the season.” Continue reading “Welcome Simpson, Law and Cheyne for 2018”