2015 KHS Models

2015 Road Bikes

Road Bikes
KHS makes the most complete line of Road models on the market. KHS is the official bicycle of the KHS/Maxxis p/b Jakroo Cycling Team.

2015 Mountain Bikes
KHS offers a complete line of mountain bikes that can be used on weekend excursions or World Cup. Downhill races.

2015 Four Season Bikes
Four Season
The KHS Four Season is a perfect bicycle for use on snow, sand, beach and more. The terrain is unlimited.

2015 Comfort Hybrid Bikes
Our Comfort and Hybrid models are so comfortable you won't want your ride to end.

2015 Commuter
Take a KHS to work, the grocery store, or even a night on the town. Our City and Urban bikes will change the way you get around.

2015 Fitness
Our Fitness and Multisport bicycles are specifically designed and constructed to take most anything thrown in its way!

2015 Youth Bikes
KHS manufactures youth bicycles with the same quality, durability and  light weight found on all KHS bicycles.

2015 Specialty

KHS manufactures a complete line of bicycles including Folding models, Tandems and Adult Tricycles.

All Bike Models

All Bicycle Models

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