2017 Mountain Bike Season Update #1 | 24HOP

Some years when January rolls around, cyclocross ends for me and I embrace the “off season” with open arms.  I take that one precious week (day) of not riding and then the Colorado weather takes a turn for the mid 70’s and I’m off adventuring.  I love the bike for a lot of reasons and at the end of the day I’m happy to have an excuse to be outside, the feeling of purpose that comes from logging miles, and a reason to take a shower. 

I finished up my cyclocross season strongly.  Even though I planned to race a summer of mountain bikes that arguably starts and is concentrated long before summer begins, the motivation to get right back to business is for once absent.  I’m excited to race and be on the road traveling but I would like to keep my focus on cyclocross in the fall and preserving my fitness for the quick turn around to race on the trail seems less important.  Regardless I’ll be there, I will be happy to be there, but I’m okay with not being awesome and focusing on results.  Rather, with inspiration taken from and in memory of Amy D., I would love to travel, be part of the scene, reconnect with the crew of racers I only see in the summer, build my form, and represent my sponsors, while prepping for the upcoming cyclocross season (hashtagcrossiscoming).

There aren’t a whole lot of places west of Colorado that I don’t love and since I’ve acquired the van I’ve been wide eyed with the prospect of heading the opposite direction from all the fall east coast cross travel.  After one month at home to get some semblance of regrouping, I left the winter boots and spare puffy jackets in the closet and stocked…