Cyclocross Update with Rebecca Gross




The last full month of east coast racing also featured a detour west to Kentucky for a sample of the new Louisville December 2018 cross nationals course.  Having grown up in the northeast I have a number of friends and family I get to spend time with while I’m up visiting which is made even better by their excitement to have me stay.  It’s empowering to become intimately familiar with so many different areas across the country and be able to leave for a training ride knowing where to find happy riding.  There has been a wonderful feeling of welcome this season with each area I’ve been to and it really helps to set the tone that my adventures are valuable.


3&7 Sep – Qiansen Trophy – Beijing CHN
15-17 Sep – Jingle Cross – Iowa City, IA
20 Sep – Cross Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
22-23 Sep – Trek CXC Cup – Waterloo, WI
30 Sep-1 Oct – KMC Cross Fest – Thompson, CT
7-8 Oct – Charm City Cross – Baltimore, MD
14-15 Oct – U.S. Open of Cyclocross – Boulder, CO
21-22 Oct – DCCX – Washington, DC
28-29 Oct – HPCX – Jamesburg, NJ
4-5 Nov – Derby City Cup – Louisville, Kentucky
11-12 Nov – The Northampton International – Northampton, MA
18-19 Nov – Supercross Cup – Suffern, NY
2-3 Dec – Ruts ‘n’ Guts – Broken Arrow, OK
9-10 Dec – Resolution ‘Cross Cup – Garland, TX
14 Jan – U.S. National Championships – Reno, NV

Heading up from D.C. to New Jersey included stopping for an evening dinner with a friend who has for two years now brought his family to come see the racing.  We discovered that not only had we gone to high school together we were also in the same class in 4th grade when the old elementary school year books were brought out.  It’s really incredible to feel connected over the love for cycling after so many years going in different directions.  I was also re-introduced to board games and got schooled repeatedly at Candyland in some friendly after dinner competition.

New Jersey is a bit of home for me. I spent the first few years of my life there, the riding is plentiful, and have family that I get to stay with when I come through.  Varying widely from my traditional lifestyle however, the experience can be throughly entertaining.

Um.. the cleaning lady folded my pajamas and left a 30 sheet toilet paper rose in each bathroom.

I can’t figure out the internet, I’ll be at dunkin’ doughnuts

When is it okay to wear a pink leopard print onesie in public?

It’s not just taking 20 pillows off the bed to sleep, it’s also 10 pillows off the chairs to sit down.

Why am I worried if I get a hair cut in NJ I’ll look like I stepped out of the 80’s?


The New Jersey race seems fairly flat but is deceivable climby.  This suits me just fine and I spent some time working the course in on Friday and getting the lines dialed, especially the stairs feature.

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