Folding Bike Tour of Taiwan

By P.Y. Lai, March 2012

translated by Henry Hsieh


I have Parkinson’s disease.  At the prime age of 38, a neurology doctor pronounced me as a patient with Parkinson’s disease, which plunged my life into the dark period. From doubt to resist, despair to acceptance – a series of outlook on life changes worth pondering!

22 年來的,前12年以藥物控制,但隨著腦神經的退化,用藥越重病況卻越差,可說是真正的黒暗期。整天躲在黑暗的角落裡,不敢面對社會,沒有朋友,像是得了自 閉症。2002年10月抱著必勝的決心豁了出去,當了慈濟醫院第13號DBS植入者。從此生活有了新方向,也積極的走出陰霾!參加社團活動

 In 22 years, first 12 years was with drug control, but with the neural nerves degradation, heavier medication gradually produced lower improvements – a truly dark period. I isolated myself by hiding in a dark corner all day, was afraid to face the community, and had no friends. In October 2002, Tzu Chi General Hospital made me the No. 13 DBS implant recipients, which gave me the desire to win back my life.  Since then, life has taken a new direction, and I took a positive step out of the haze to participate in community activities!


某日在二人組部落格裡驚艷KHS F20-T3,他們夫婦二人騎著紅色與黑色小折,穿梭在新社的花田間,在人車擠爆的花海騎自行車。不知羨煞多少人 我也不禁心癢癢的。之前因為車禍摔傷的左大腿,騎大輪徑車,跨上跨下總是不順暢。看到小折F20-T3征服了三橫.及陽明山照片。我恢復了自信, 一見到它就愛上了小折 ! 在老闆鼓吹下竟然一下著訂購了小白、.小黃兩台(下圖)

I opened personal Yahoo blog in August 2007, through which I began to meet and interact with many online friends. One day I saw stunning photos of a couple riding a red and a black KHS F20-T3 folding bikes, zooming along a sea of flower in Shinshe amid a mass of people and vehicles.  I can see and feel the envy in the by-standers.  Because of an old car accident that injured my left leg, I had difficulties getting on and off a normal size bicycle.  However, after seeing pictures of the KHS F20-T3 folding bikes conquering the Taiwan Three Crossing and Yangmingshan, I thought maybe I can try cycling on a folder too.   I immediately fell in love with these bikes after I saw them in a bike shop.  With some encouragement from the bike shop owner, I surprised even myself by ordering 2 – one in white and another in yellow (see below).

自有了小折後每日在住家附近騎車,逐漸擴及鄰近縣市,現在足跡已達全台, ,方圓百里內以直達完成,遠則以4+2(汽車載單車)方式到達定點後騎車漫遊。

I started riding daily around the neighborhood, then gradually extended to neighboring counties and cities.  Now I have ridden throughout Taiwan.  I ride anything within 100 KM distance.  Anything further, it’s “4+2 method” — drive to starting location by car (4 wheel) then tour by bike (2 wheel).


Over the past five years I have been to different parts of Taiwan. Such as Wuling (highest road in Taiwan), Alishan, Tatachia, Sun Moon Lake, Central Lake, Miaoli Nanchuang, Chiayi Dual Lake, Taichung Dongfong, Pingtung Taiwu, Kenting, Liuchiu, Taitung coastal line, and other notable bike paths.


December 2007 – Riding in Kaohsiung Port the day after receiving  my beloved new little folder.



Since touring Taiwan is every cyclist’s dream, the 9 consecutive holidays this spring makes it a great opportunity to try.  However, since I just had an operation on my leg, I have not biked for 2-3 months.  So cycling the entire length is not possible. Instead, I used the “4+2 method” to tour Taiwan – leap-frogging to various locations to enjoy local cycling routes. 


It was not easy pulling a group together – just 4 of us. Because of the consecutive holidays, all B&B doubled in price so we decided to camp!


We planned to arrived at Yuli campground on the first day, ride by bike next morning in Nanan Yushan National Park. Then go north to Hualien Shoufong Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College to stay overnight. 

第三天觀光學院→鯉魚潭(12.5km) →南濱公園(21.4km) →七星潭(10km) →太魯閣(19km) →蘇澳(84km) →羅東(19km)合計155.3km

Third day starts from Tourism College → Carp Lake(12.5km) → Nanbin Park(21.4km) → Chi Hsing Beach(10km) → Taroko Gorge(19km) → Su-ao(84km) → Luodong(19km), totaling 155.3km

第五天由宜蘭出發至烏石港騎車, 搭賞黥船出海 , 體驗黥豚在海面跳躍美姿。 然後走北濱公路→三貂角→八斗子→基隆→金山→淡水(宿)→關渡→八里自行車道→新竹南寮漁港→高雄→完成環島一週

Fifth day we cycled from Yilan to Wu Stone Harbor, took a boat tour to experience Qing dolphin jump and play in the ocean. Then rode via the North Coast Highway → Sandiaojiao → Ba Douzi → Keelung  → Jinshan Danshuai (overnight) → Guandu → Bali Bike Path → Hsinchu Nanliao fishing port → Kaohsiung → completed the Taiwan Tour in one week

In recent years, I have continued my exercises, go outdoors to participate in the patient group activities, and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow patients to encourage each other.  These activities seem to have a stabilizing effect on the disease, so I continue-on with my job at work. I would be glad to share my experiences with any fellow patients.


As you have noticed a lady in the photos – she is my leader. Because of my struggle with the disease, she quit her job to take care of me and is now the Association supervisor. She is my most important person and my greatest blessing – THANK YOU!