Bruce Klein – KHS DH Pro Racer

Bruce KleinOur newest DH team rider Bruce Klein was born in 1997, and grew up in Pasadena, California, right in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  Miles of amazing single track are within a few pedal strokes of his back door. This location is a key training tool and part of where Bruce found his passion for mountain biking.

Growing up playing soccer for as long as he can remember, it wasn’t until his teammate quit soccer to race mountain bikes that Bruce found an interest in doing the same. In 2012, Bruce became more and more interested with mountain bike and purchased his friends used DH bike. Bruce was immediately hooked on the sport. Later that year he won his first DH race at Rim Nordic. Over the next few years he became more focused on racing. He joined a local bike shop team and began racing all over the nation in the junior category.

Over the years of racing as a junior, his parents have been extremely supportive of his dreams. He finished high school on-line in order to allocate more time for training and racing. Now that he has completed high school, he’s totally focused on DH racing and what is needed to reach the national level. Bruce’s family supports his choice to become a Pro racer, and in return, Bruce is thankful for his parents, for giving him the opportunity to chase his dreams. He blessed to have their support and the support KHS provided to help develop as a professional racer.

Bruce has focused on improving his training and diet regimen. He enjoys cooking and eating healthy, and feels it helps his overall training and fitness. Recently, Bruce has been reading and studying about the body and mind relationship and other aspects in order to improve and better focus his training and racing.  Days now consist of training in the gym, pushing the watts on his KHS Flite 900, shredding trails on his KHS SixFifty7500, testing and working on skills with his DH650 Team, as well as mental training at home.

Only riding his new KHS bikes for a few weeks, but has felt comfortable on them and he has come into the season at full speed.  Bruce won the first DH race of the year in January. Please keep an eye out for Bruce Klein. We think he has a great future ahead.