KHS Racers Around The World

Fantastic photos of KHS racers around the world.

The KHS Peru DH team, after the race in Santisimo in Cusco, Peru, ended with these results (from left to right):

Siwar Monteagudo (cadets): 3rd.
Fabricio Ortiz de Orue (semi-pro): 3rd.
Vianca Caillaux (Female juvenile): 2nd.
Sebastian Villegas (elite): 7th. (Crashed)
Diego Elorrieta (elite): 10th.  (Crashed)
This race is international, riders from USA, France, Canada, Chile, Brasil, Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina.

A few highlights are Podium of the race in category amateurs in our last big cycling action in Donetsk GRAN PRIX of DONETSK.  Denis Batuchov – 1st Place, Andrey Korczagin 3rd.