Boise Twilight Criterium 3rd place finish!

Boise Twilight Podium, NCC
1st Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare)
2nd Carlos Alzate (Exergy)
3rd Michael Weicht (CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team)

We learned last year that Boise is one of the greatest cities to race in! The fans line the barriers 5-deep around the 4 turn course. Patrons from the eateries and pubs that line the course pour out onto the sidewalk for the Pro mens race which finishes as the sun sets.

This year proved to be just as exciting as the event began mid-day with a kids race and category events. The women’s pro field raced just before the mens event and as the national anthem was sung, the rain began to fall. This rain would continue off and on through the mens event, creating and nervous tension in the air. Boise had not received rain in weeks and the warm drops made the pavement and multiple man hole covers slicker than soap. Crashes quickly started happening on the backside of the course, sending over half the field to the pits for wheels and bikes. It looked like an odd game of “Sharks and Minnows” as 30 plus racers would re-enter the race as the peloton came whizzing by.

Luckily for the CashCall squad, our 6 riders (Justin Williams, Lee Muse, Stefano Barberi, Devan Dunn, David Santos and Michael Weicht) avoided most of the chaos until the last lap of the race. Each of our racers took their turn riding into breakaway moves, driving the pace at the front and attacking the stacked field. The crashes and slick pavement soon split the field into pieces, resulting in a remaining group of 30, whittled down from over 100! We had 5 riders still safe within the remaining group as a strong 7-man breakaway rolled up the road. Uh-oh! This was the only move of the night CashCall missed, and it looked to be the one that counted. However, other key teams in the peloton had missed out as well and they began setting tempo at the front of the dwindling pack. Eric Marcotte, the driving force of the break, suffered an untimely flat tire after the free laps were available. With him out of the race, his team Elbowz joined the effort of CashCall and UnitedHealthCare at the front to bring the break back.

With one lap to go in the race, the break was absorbed and we could see the vibrant blue of the CashCall jersey sprinting out of the last turn towards the finish line. Michael Weicht had jumped the group and was heading towards the line. UnitedHealthCare’s Hilton Clarke won the race with Exergy’s Carlos Alzate in 2nd, and Micheal 3rd. David Santos finished 9th and Devan Dunn 16th. Stefano Barberi and Lee Muse got tangled in a crash 2 turns to go, but were still able to finish and Stefano even place in the top-25.

This was an exciting night of racing for the whole team and we were very pleased with the result!

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