CA/NV 2013 State Time Trial Championships


CA/NV State Time Trial Championship Podium: David Santos, Chris Barton and Brandon Gritters. CA/NV State Time Trial Championship Podium: David Santos, Chris Barton and Brandon Gritters.

This past Saturday was the 3rd year the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team has raced the CA/NV State Time Trial Championships. Located in the high desert town of Lake Los Angeles, the challenges of the course come from the constant wind  and the distance of the race, clocking in at 40K. Last year, David Santos won the race, putting CashCall on the top step of the podium and bringing home the gold medal.

This year, we took four riders to tackle the task of bringing home top honors again. David was accompanied by teammates Chris Barton, Devan Dunn, and Brian McCulloch for the 7AM start. Champion David Santos took some time to answer some questions about the event, Thanks Dave!

Q: You won the event in 2012 – what was your thought process going into Saturday’s race? Were you gunning for the win again? 

A: It’s not very often that we get to do a 40k TT like we do for States, so I was definitely pumped to be there and defend my title. I love Time Trials and have been working really hard over the last couple of years to get better at them. But with the competition this year, to win again was going to take everything I had…..a 100% effort and a lot of focus.

Q: You and your teammates just came off of a big block of racing and traveling. How did that set you up for this particular race? Did you need to take some down time? 

A: Coming off the month long block of racing served me well. To be honest, after the Tour of Gila, I had no idea how I was going to ride at the TT Championships. When I got home, I took a few days aways from the bike to recover mentally and physically.  After that, I jumped back into it by spending the whole week leading up to the TT race on my TT bike. The fitness I gained from the last month of racing combined with rest was just what I needed to get me ready to go.

Q: You beat the course record set by 1984 Olympain Thurlow Rogers in 2011 by 7 seconds. Did you have your eyes set on the course record, or did you even know what the time to beat was?  

A: I had no idea what the course record was.  I found out afterwards when my director looked it up.

Q: Take us through the race. You start with a sweet tail wind which doesn’t last long. How was the rest of the course and how did you tackle it?  

A: For me, I wanted to go out hard and use the tail wind to wind it up. After the first straightaway, I knew there was one straight had a headwind and another with a head/cross wind. For those two straights, I focused on being as aero as possible, keeping the bike straight, and continually putting out the power. I almost rode it like my finish line was turn three because after that, I knew the wind would be at my back all the way to the finish. Once I had the wind at my back again, I refocused and put everything I had left into making my bike go as fast as possible.

Q: Your pretty good at the TT. Do you think you have a predisposition for it, or can an athlete learn to be proficient at the craft of the time trial?

A: There may be some cyclists who are just naturally good at it, but in my opinion, I think it comes down to how hard you are willing to work. And of course, how much you like to make yourself suffer!!!

Q: Your teammate Chris Barton placed 2nd at the event, how was it to share the podium with your teammate? 

A: To have shared the podium with Chris, who has had some huge TT results in his time, made me feel extremely fortunate. He is such a great teammate and I have learned a ton from him so far this season. But really, any time you can share the podium with one or more of your teammates is just awesome!

Q: What event do you have on your radar now as we enter the 2nd half of the season?

A: In a few weeks, we will be heading out to Tulsa Tough and Nature Valley. These are two of my favorite races on the calendar and I am really looking forward to them. After that, it’s Nationals.  Last year in the TT National Championships, I missed the podium by half a second. This year, I am hoping to better that by a lot!

Thank you Danny Munson for the photos:

Adding to the podium count for the day, Joy McCulloch placed 3rd in the women's elite field!Adding to the podium count for the day, Joy McCulloch placed 3rd in the women’s elite field!

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