Cascade Cycling Classic: McKenzie Pass Road Race – Efren Flores

The KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team is currently racing the 5 day stage race in Bend, OR – The Cascade Cycling Classic. This is the 5th year the team has contested the event, and with over 365 miles to cover between today and Sunday, the team is ready to see what they can do on the road. With 7 riders in attendance from KHS, the team has a great chance to be versatile, work on team tactics and ensure that the team is represented will through out the event.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

Today, Efren Flores checked in after the 123 mile first stage, the McKenzie Pass Road Race.

KHS: Is this your first time racing Cascade? 

EF: Yes it is, and it is my first time visiting Bend. It would be great to spend more time here!

KHS: Today you and your teammates raced 123 miles with over 7,000ft of climbing. When was the last time you rode that far in one day? 

EF: Oh man, over a year ago for sure. But I have never raced that far before.

KHS: You traversed a century and a quarter today, how long were you on the bike?

EF: My race time was under 5 hours at 4:52. (WOW – that is fast!) 

KHS: For such a long race, how many bottles did you drink? Were you eating the entire time? 

EF: I had at least 8 bottles through out the race. I started with 2 on the bike and teammates Brian, Chris and Shawn made multiple trips back to the team car for feeds. We also had a feeder helping in the feed zone as well as the option for neutral bottles, so that gave us lot of options. For food, I think I was eating constantly. Bars, gels, whatever I had – I made sure to eat a lot.

KHS: What was your job today with the team? 

EF: My teammates and I needed to cover the big moves and make sure we were represented when anything went up the road. We did a really great job riding together as a team. Whenever I saw a teammate ahead of me in the group, I would ride up to them and made sure we stuck together. We were making sure that Fabi and Chris were taken care of, which paid off well in the end since Fabi finished in the front group, just a handful of seconds off of the yellow jersey.

KHS: What was your favorite part of the race today? 

EF: The scenery! We started in the prairies where there were cattle, grain fields and open space. Then we climbed up through the volcanic rock and ended up finishing in a thick pine forest. It was beautiful!

KHS: What does tomorrow hold for you? 

EF: Tomorrow we get to race a 16 mile Time Trial about an hour away from Bend. I am excited to race the course, especially since it is new to me.

KHS: Thank you Efren for taking some time to check in after a really hard day of racing! Best of luck to you and your teammates (David Santos, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Brian McCulloch, Shawn Wayland, and Ulises Castillo) in the TT tomorrow! And keep eating! 

EF: No problem! And thanks for the interview!

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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