Cascade Cycling Classic Stage 3: Cascade Lakes Road Race with David Santos

Today marked the 3rd stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic. Beginning at the local Bend High School, the riders raced 111 miles finishing at the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. Team member David Santos took our call while preparing team dinner to tell us how the race went down today.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: With 111 miles in today’s stage, you have now covered over 250 miles in 3 days! What was the team’s plan going into today’s stage?

DS: We wanted Efren Flores and Ulises Castillo to cover potential breakaways in the initial 20 mile climb, which began right at the start of the race. If nothing stayed away, the team was going to line it up for Chris Barton  to get sprint points, which would take place 15 miles past the top of first big climb.

KHS: How did it actually pan out?

DS: Thinks went pretty close to plan. The move went within the first 10 miles of the climb and both Ulises and Efren were in it. The break got 40 seconds on the peloton, but everyone left behind wanted to be in the front group. The attacks were relentless, so the mix up the road was changing up frequently.  When the original group got brought back,  Barton went solo to get across to the move in order to sprint points. Eventually, Barton was joined by Efren and they made their way to the front group.

Despite having a big group up the road, the attacks kept coming from the main group with pods of 2-3 going up the road in an attempt to get the break. I managed to bridge across to a group of 5, and just kept joining small groups which helped us eventually get to the original front move. This group ended up being over 30 riders which was pretty crazy.

KHS: How did you feel being that was day 3 of the event? 

DS: I felt pretty good for most of the day until the attacks started flying towards the end, in the last 25 miles of the race. I was trying to be selectivve and cover the important stuff, but there wasn’t just one team taking control so eventually several guys just got away. By the time we got to the final climbs, I was starting to feel my efforts of the day for sure.

KHS: At the end of the day, how did the team finish? 

Efren was covering the rider in the break who was the virtual leader on the road. One of these big attacks blew apart the front group as we were getting closer to the final climb. Efron ended up in the front selection and once we turned left up towards Bachelor, we had a block headwind, so it was super hard and slow. He was able to finish just a little over a minute down on the day for a top 15 which is a great result.

KHS: What are you guys making for dinner?

Our hosts Rob and Mary Angelo are making brautwurts, and I am setting out the appetizers right now. We have three awesome host families. The Hays, Johnson’s and Angelo’s. Last night we all had team/family dinner at the Hays house which was fantastic. Actually, Lynnanne Hays spent the whole race riding shotgun in the team car with Paul helping out with any and everything. Rick Hays was able to do that on the McKenzie Pass stage which was awesome and really helpful for the team.

KHS: Closing thoughts on today?

DS: The team was well-represented today, stuck to the plan and Efren had an amazing ride today.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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