Cascade Cycling Classic Stage 4: Criterium Top 10 for Von Nacher

Day 4 of the Cascade Cycling Classic was the 75 minute downtown Bend Criterium. After 3 days of hard racing, the 7PM race start was a welcome respite for the racers to sleep in, spin to the coffee shop, and spend some extra time with their gracious hosts. The team had another excellent showing in the crit, with Fabrizio Von Nacher finishing top 10. While the team was packing up the team van, Fabi checked in with his experience on the day.

SLR-20_originalPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: How has the Cascade Cycling Classic been going for you?

FVN: It is a hard race, but I have been feeling good. I have been in the front group every day and it is a solid race for me, and for the team. I have tried to be smart and wait for the right moves. I am 13th overall in the Young Rider competition which is good. I have been doing good training, especially coming from Mexico Nationals where we raced 120 miles, so I was OK with the 125 miles and 111 mile stages. But doing two of them was hard. I think it was good for us to get better.

KHS: How did the criterium go this evening?

FVN: It was a super hard crit. It was super windy and the course is really hard. The break didn’t stick, although people were trying all race. It came down to a field sprint where I got 7th.

KHS: With the criterium starting in the evening, were able to enjoy the morning in Bend?

FVN: It’s super nice weather and our hosts are great. We got to ride with a few of them this morning to spin our legs out and grab some coffee in town.We are all having a good time here with nice dinners with the team. This is the 5th year we have stayed with our hosts here, so it is a really enjoyable experience.

KHS: You have one stage left tomorrow – the Awbrey Butte Circuit Race. How are you feeling for the 5th and final day of racing?  

FVN: Obviously we are tired, but I am feeling better every day. I am responding well to the efforts and I think tomorrow’s race will be good for me. The circuit is suits me well and I am hoping to do well.

To thank all our hosts, the city of Bend, my teammates and the sponsors of the team for making this race a possibility.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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