Cascade Cycling Classic Stage 5: Awbrey Butte Circuit Race by Ulises Castillo

The 5th and final stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic did not disappoint. Despite only being a mere 82 miles compared to the other road stages of the event, this course is always very challenging. The race organizers do a great job live tweeting the event, which I was following from home. After only a few minutes of racing, I realized this race was going to be full-gas with our rider, Ulises Castillo, doing a good share of the damage to the peloton in multiple breakaways. I was able to talk to him tonight at his hosts house where the team was enjoying homemade lasagna and “cookie burgers”, an homage to our former teammate Michi Weicht – he loved ice cream sandwiches after a big race!

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: Being day 5 of the event, you must be feeling pretty good!

UC: Yes – I felt very good. I was excited to use my legs today.

KHS: Reading the live tweets, it was apparent you were in all the breakaways. How did the race go?

UC: The break went in the 1st (of 5) lap, I initiated the move and was with 2 other riders off the front. The group caught us after only about 8K of racing. But then as we started the 2nd lap, I was able to get into the next split which was the break that stuck. I guess I got some sprint points on the 2nd lap, but I didn’t know though, we were just riding hard! In the 4th lap on the climb, the original break got caught. But then I went again with 4 other riders! This move stayed out until 8K to go, so close to the finish.

KHS: Did you think the move could stick and that you could take it to the line?

UC: I thought the final break could get to the line, until 3 other riders jumped across to us from the peloton and I could see the field close behind, so I wasn’t sure it would stick. But I gave it a shot and rode as hard as I could.

KHS: What’s next for you and the team?

UC: Next, we will finish the delicious dinner the Hays family made for us, then we will drive home Monday to Orange County. We will be racing Brentwood Grand Prix next Sunday. Then we will see what the plan is.

KHS: This is your 1st time in Bend and racing the Cascade Cycling Classic. What did you think?

UC: It is a pretty cool event. I loved the stages and the long road stages where I know I can do well. The town and restaruants, as well as our hosts were all awesome. I hope we can come back next year! Thanks to the team and the hosts for helping us here at the race. Great job to all my teammates and thanks to Paul for all his help.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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