CashCall Mortgage Team Visit

2013 Cycling Team with CashCall Mortgage VP Ron Radziminsky2013 Cycling Team with CashCall Mortgage Vice President Ron Radziminsky. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team veteran Brian McCulloch recounted the teams visit to CashCall Mortgage during team training camp at the beginning of February.

I may be biased, but CashCall Mortgage knows how to throw a lunch party! As a third year member of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team, I have been a part of every visit our team has made to the CashCall Mortgage corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California. I was obviously excited for our latest visit. For 2013, CashCall Mortgage really rolled out the red-carpet for our team which included a lunch-time introduction to the nearly 1,500 employee strong staff with a catered lunch. It’s good to be a representative of the CashCall brand!

Our visit to CashCall began with a tour of the facility and an explanation of the the mortgage process as well as the rest of the CashCall business structure (personal loans, mortgages, etc.). The most striking and impressive portion of this tour was seeing the whole wall of licenses that the CashCall staff has amassed, enabling them to originate loans in nearly every state. The explanation of what it takes to do loans in all fifty states is unbelievable. It takes a special company with a lot of ambition to be able to get each and every license.

After the tour, we headed out to the front courtyard to greet employees as they descended upon the food truck for a catered lunch. As they walked out in droves, anxious for a catered lunch, many were stunned to see 11 lycra-clad cyclists standing between them and the catering truck (proof that cycling has a ways to go to be a ‘maintstream’ sport). Certainly they were aware of our visit, but imagine how you would react if you were confronted by a bunch of fit dudes in clothing that makes skinny jean clad men look they are wearing a moo-moo?

We, as riders, broke the ice by asking about what portion of the mortgage process the employees participated with and they gladly told us about how they fit into the mortgage process. It was a perfect reminder of how our racing team is similar to every business in America. With each group of processors, funders, and originators detailing how they work together to form a seamless operation that is designed to fund loans in impressive time. As the conversations unfolded it was clear to us that the organizational structure of CashCall was all about ‘team-work’, something we all could relate to.

As the ‘meet and greet’ wore on, the air was filled with laughter which I surmised was because of Olheisers’ wit and ‘Michi’ Weichts German accent. But in the end, it could have just as easily been that they were laughing at our padded shorts and skinny arms…

The highlight of the ‘meet and greet’ was when a couple of the guys got the wild idea to jump on their bikes and head to the lobby for some hot laps… Yep, we had an impromptu CashCall Mortgage ‘lobby crit’! As Olheiser, Santos, and Williams rode into the lobby, the rest of us made our way in to commentate on the shenanigans as if we worked for Universal Sports! The whole time the guys were speeding through the lobby, employees were coming down the stairway to head out to the food truck with absolute amazement that this madness had descended upon their work environment. It was if were a bicycle ‘flash mob’ and just as the fun started, it wound down because we wanted to be mindful that the ladies of the front desk had official business to perform. After the ‘lobby crit’ we headed back out to greet more employees and hear about their role within the CashCall Mortgage engine.

Ultimately, we were invited to CashChall Mortgage to learn about their business structure, introduce ourselves to the employees, and share our appreciation for their support. In the end, we met a lot of new faces and shared our enthusiasm for cycling with many folks that had only minimal experience with the sport. The exciting thing is that many of those employees will now be cheering for their ‘home’ team at local racing events as well through all our media outlets (,, Twitter, and Instagram).

Thank you to all of the folks at CashCall who embraced our cycling team during our visit to their office and let us interrupt their otherwise busy day to share our passion for cycling with them!