Checking in With Joy McCulloch

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

We had such a great response for Shawn Wayland’s interview a few weeks back, I decided that we should do another one! Being that we have raced 2 solid months and I have yet to contribute, I thought it was about time that I share some of my insights and experiences. I asked the team for 5 questions, so they could interview me, and I have answered them here.

KHS: Stage race season is upon us. How is it going for you and what event are you looking forward to most? 

JOY: We just did the Chico Stage Race for the first time and it was fantastic! The volume of racing, especially for women, was great. We raced the full 90 mile road race with 10 miles of gravel! The final criterium was fast and technical which I love. I highly recommend this event.

This weekend, we race Tour de Murrieta and I love the time trial because it goes uphill, in the dirt! In several weeks we get to do San Dimas Stage Race and they have changed the road course, so I am excited to see what that will hold.

But of course, I am most excited about the Redlands Bicycle Classic. This year they have changed the Beaumont course to one in Yucaipa, finishing on the fabled Oak Glen climb. This stage will start 5 minutes from our house, so I can’t wait to race on the roads I train on every single day. Although I am about to lose A LOT of Strava segments.

KHS: You are the only female on the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo team. But it has been said, you have the guys out numbered. Tell us why? 

JOY: Haha, well, I am sort of in charge. From solidifying host housing to how to properly hashtag our sponsors in social media posts, I have the team dialed. And I have done my fair share adding to the win and podium tally as well :-)

PHoto Credit: Danny Munson

PHoto Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: Shawn Wayland was asked to make each team member a superhero. Can you make each team member a spirit animal? 

JOY: Oh, this is a fun one.

David Santos: Lion – like Mufasa on Lion King. Calm, cool and collected.
Chris Barton: Manatee – one of the nicest creatures in the ocean, but is rumored to drawn people.

Brian McCulloch: Honey Badger – this self explanatory.

Fabrizio Von Nacher: The Lemur, like the one on Madagascar!

Sergio Escutia: Owl – it’s the glasses and he reads books, lots and lots of books and worm wouldn’t be cool.

Ulises Castillo: Panther – he is one crafty and fast guy!

Shawn Wayland: Bison – like the Bison, Wayland has quite the presence.

Shawn Daurelio: Tazmanian Devil – he has a lot of energy!

Chris Johnson: Tree Fox – he is quite the climber.

Joy McCulloch: I will be a fish, like Dory from Nemo. What was the question again?

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: Tell us one of your big goals for the 2015 season. 

JOY: So far, my main goal has been to race with my head, not just my legs. And it has worked! Approaching racing from a stronger mental aspect has changed the way I race and left me more fresh and ready to execute. With that in mind, in 2014 I won two CA/NV State Titles, criterium and TT. I would sure like to win them again.

KHS: You are well known for being a women’s cycling advocate. Tell us how your spot on the team has strengthened that voice and your impact on the women’s peloton. 

JOY: Being part of the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo team has offered me the opportunity to race all over the country at NRC and NCC events. Without the team, I would never have been able to connect with so many amazing female athletes. I continually try to make a positive impact on those around me and to always have an attitude of gratitude in regards to race promoters, officials, and my fellow athletes. Hopefully, this will have a positive trickle down effect.

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