Checking In with Sam Bassetti

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You had an incredible 2018 season! At the beginning of the year, did you think it was possible to be so successful?

I always believed that I was ultimately capable of better results than what I had achieved in the past. But this year I would say that I surpassed my own expectations.

At the close of the season, you were ranked the number two rider in America. At any point in the season did you start looking at the ranking points?

I was really just focused on doing my best at each individual race. I was pleasantly surprised to end up so high in the PRT.

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You have been on Professional Teams before and went back down to the amateur level prior to joining Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling this season. What was the reason that you stuck it out and continue along this path?

I knew that I had not reached my ultimate potential. One of my main drivers to continue in this sport is that I have a deep desire to know how good I can really be. Despite continual setbacks over the years, I could still see progression and knew that I could be better. I was still in a place in my life that allowed me to continue riding, and I knew I would always regret it if I stopped early.  

This has been a challenging off-season for many professional cyclists has with teams folding and fewer opportunities. What advice would you give riders who find themselves without a “Pro” contract or team?

You can’t look down on any opportunities in front of you, and you have to put in everything you have no matter how big or small the race is.  The most important race is the next one on your calendar. You can’t dwell on where you were, and you have to focus on where you want to be.

Sprinter Jersey Winner, Joe Martin Stage Race

What are some of your big targets or goals for the upcoming 2019 season?

My goals won’t change a whole lot, although my expectations will.  My biggest goals will be Tour of Utah and USPRO.

Have you done anything special this off-season?

I made some small changes to my training, but I didn’t do anything crazy.  I planned out a sustainable, steady workload and I am currently executing on that plan.  

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