Chico Stage Race: Winning the Young Riders Jersey!

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team made the trek to Northern California for the Chico Stage Race this past weekend. This was the teams first time doing the event, and several riders first time above Fresno! So to say the least, we were excited for the challenge ahead. A unique aspect of this stage race is that it covered 3 days but had 4 events. For stage one, the racers got the chance to race on the Thunderhill Raceway car race track where they clocked speeds over 42 MPH. The course was 3 miles with 15 turns, many of which were banked for the fastest Ferrari.

The team had a squad of 7 for the event with Chris Barton, David Santos, Shawn Wayland, Shawn Daurelio, Ulises Castillo, Brian McCulloch and 2nd place on the day – Fabrizio Von Nacher.

Fabrizio Von Nacher in the Young Rider Jersey

Fabrizio Von Nacher in the Young Rider Jersey

Fabrizio gives his view of how the race unfolded:

“The first stage in Chico Stage Race was a fast and fun circuit race. This course was super fast and had a couple short power hills. The team plan for this first day was to keep the team at the front and save energy. The team did an awesome job. We were always together at the front and the guys were always in any dangerous moves.

The race went by for two hours and it came down to bunch sprint. The guys did an incredible job keeping me in the front, off the wind and saving energy for the sprint. In the last lap Dave Santos, Brian McCulloch, Shawn Daurelio and Shawn Wayland set me up perfect behind the Optum train. Chris Barton and Ulises Castillo were my last two guys and they did an extraordinary job to leave me in the perfect position with 500 meters. I managed to get second on the stage and the best young rider jersey!

Thanks to my teammates, staff and all the all sponsors for all the support and the trust they give me and the whole program!”

The sprint was so close at the finish, we really thought that Fabi had won. Check out the last 500 meters of the race going into the headwind and long drag to the finish. Thank you to Gary Rennie for taking the video!

Thunderhill Raceway Sprint

Photo Credit: Chico Stage Race

Fabrizio Von Nacher 2nd at Chico Stage Race, Thundershill Raceway Circuit Race. Photo Credit: Chico Stage Race

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