Devan Dunn WINS Fast and Furious Criterium!

Saturday August 4th, the riders loaded into the team van for one last road trip. Justin Williams, Devan Dunn, Stefano Barberi, and Brian McCulluch met teammate Wes Holloway in Pleasanton, CA for a day with sponsor Jakroo Custom Cycling Apparel and the Fast and Furious Criterium the following day.

The race eventually unfolded with Devan Dunn winning for the second week in a row, and teammate Justin Williams finishing a solid 3rd. Justin, Wes, and Devan chime in on how the race unfolded.

Devan Dunn winning Fast and Furious Criterium ahead of Chuck Hutchenson (Strava). Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

Justin Williams: 

Justin awaiting his champaign on the podium. Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

“What an awesome experience with an amazing sponsor Jakroo Custom Cycling apparel! This race was the best event we have gone to this year in my opinion. We arrived in Northern Cal Saturday, the day before the race. We were with our sponsor from the minute we got there going on a ride with them, doing a photo shoot and going to dinner. We got to meet the people that take care of us behind the scenes and make our dreams possible. That was really cool.

Come race time, the pressure was on! We wanted to show our Northern California family how we roll. Seeing the course, we knew we were going to have a good day. Devan Dunn was coming off a win the week before at San Marcos, and I was feeling strong, which meant we had cards to play. The whole team and staff were in our corner.

With in the first two laps Devan, was off the front rolling an early move of four riders, which allowed the rest of the team to sit in a bit. Its great when you get a teammate off the front it’s really a win-win situation. Devan gets to sit on the break cause he has a sprinter in the field, and we get to let everyone do all the work cause we have a guy in the break. As soon as the break got over 25 seconds, teams that missed the break went to the front to start to bring it back. We watched and waited. With about 10 laps remaining in the race, the break seem to be coming back and it had been losing momentum because of the constant attack of Devan.

Stefano Barberi joined teammate Devan Dunn in the breakaway. Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

At about 7 laps to go we could see Devan back in the break and a little tired after his efforts. We all hit the front Stefano, Brian, Wes, and I in the order. Brian being the crafty son of a gun he is, lets Stefano roll off the front of the group. After realizing his gap, he shot across the now 10-second gap to the break, while I prepared for the sprint.

Justin Williams being marked in the peloton as the race neared its final laps. Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

Going into 1 lap to go, I didn’t know if we were going to catch the break or not, Stefano attacked on the last lap blowing, one rider out of the break and setting

Devan up for a counter-attack. With the odds 2 on 1, we were in a pretty good situation. Catching Stefano in the last corner, Devan attacked for the win! I started my sprint 3rd out of the last corner and hit out with about 150 metes to go. I had plenty of time to watch my teammate win and help celebrate past the line.”

Wes Holloway:

Wes Holloway riding comfortable in the pack at his hometown race. Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

“The call-up was definitely a highlight. Nothing beats racing in your own back your, no matter what race it is. But when its a race that is so well put together, it makes it that much more special. This was also the District Criterium Championships, so it drew a really great field of racers and so many spectators! A great environment to compete in!”

Devan Dunn:

Devan Dunn beginning the podium celebrations. Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

“I’m so happy to be able to travel to one of our sponsors local races and put on a good show. Winning the Fast and Furious Criterium was such a great feeling because of all the support we had from Jakroo and also how the race played out. It was a very strategic win and I owe a lot to my CashCall Mortgage Teammates for trusting in me and also giving me some leverage in the break!”

Devan Dunn 1st (CashCall Mortgage)
Chuck Hutcheson 2nd (Strava)
Justin Williams 3rd (CashCall Mortgage)
Photo Credit: Dale Tapley Photography

This event was the NCNCA District Criterium Championships. Since Devan is not a resident of the district, the championship jersey went to Chuck Hutcheson of Strava. Congratulations Chuck!

*Thank you to local photographer Dale Tapley for the great photos of this event! Check out his website: Dale Tapley Photography*


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