Eder Frayre 3rd at Mexican National Championship Road Race

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Eder Frayre had a great race at the Mexican National Championship Road Race, with teammate Ulises Castillo close behind in 5th. Both riders held prestigious positions on the Mexican Olympic Long Team list, which placed a lot of pressure and excitement on the event. Newly added teammate Alfredo Rodriguez also raced the event, each rider wearing the jersey of their official states. Alfredo raced hard in the breakaway as Eder and Ulises bided their time before the 22 mile penultimate climb. Eder suffered some bad luck, however held on to fight for 3rd after over 5.5hrs of racing in high temperature on a very challenging course. Ulises was close behind in 5th. Congratulations to winner Luis Lemus on your victory and Olympic team selection.


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