Eder Frayre Wins ISB Sola Basic Tour – Two Stages & Overall!


Eder Frayre and Ulises Castillo continue their racing campaign after the Pan American Championships with a stage-race in Mexico. Following the race we checked in with Eder, who won both stages and the overall, to hear about the race and what is next for him this season.

KHS: You joined teammate Ulises Castillo this past weekend for a stage-race. Tell us about the event.

Eder Frayre: The name of the race is the ISB Sola Basic Tour in Baja California Mexico. It was a 2-day event over May 28-29. We were excited to race there because we have never done this race before.

KHS: The week prior, you and Ulises raced the Pan American Championship Road Race in Venezuela, which featured very poor weather conditions with a lot of rain and wind. Were the conditions in Baja better, and were you able to recover after the big race?

EF: The race in Venezuela was very hard. It rained a lot, but it was not cold – the temperature was pefect! We both found it difficult to recover fast after Pan-Ams because the travel to my house was very long. So this week after the race in Baja, I have taken 2 days off the bike to rest, and 2 days just riding easy for 2 hours.

KHS: Saturday was the first stage of the tour and it was a circuit race. Did you and Ule get away early or was it a sprint for the finish?

EF: The circuit race was only 60 minutes and it was on a short, flat course. Ule and I started the race very hard and made an early break away of 5 riders. In the last 20 minutes of the race, we started attacking the group. We got away, just Ule and me, and we finished together in 1st & 2nd place.


KHS: You were able to win both stages and the overall, which is great! How did the road race on Sunday unfold?

EF: I don’t get the chance to race a lot in my country, so winning in Mexico is great. Ule and I had very good team work in both races. The Sunday road race was much like day 1. We both got in a breakaway and finished 1st and 2nd place again. It was a great event, with many fans and everyone supporting us. We were even interviewed for TV after the race!



KHS: What is next race for you and what is your goal?

EF: My principle is to do well at the Mexican National Road Race next month, beacuse whoever wins will go to the Olympics Games In Rio, Brazil to represent Mexico.

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