Harding Truck Trail Time Trial Report: Craig Spencer

Craig Spencer is one of the founding members of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling TeamCraig Spencer is one of the founding members of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team

On February 23rd, long-time supporter of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team, Craig Spencer, won his first event! A grueling race against the clock, the Harding Truck Time Trial is no joke. Thank you Craig for all your support of the our team, and congratulations on your success!

Read his report below!

The champ with his medal!The champ with his medal!

The Harding Truck Trail Time Trial is a brutal 9.1 mile, 3100 feet of climbing, Category 1 mountain climbing Bike Race. Like all time trials, it’s you verses the clock.  You have to go full out the whole time if you want to win. Of course, that is my goal every race. To Win.

The pre-race atmosphere was the most relaxed I’ve ever experienced at a race.  Racers started between 8:40am and 9:40am.  This event is less formal than a road time trial, and we each simply lined up when we were ready to go.  I know the course well, but that’s not to say I like it. It is very punishing, especially since the first mile has a 9.9% grade. My bike of choice for the race was my Single Speed Mountain Bike, making that harsh grade seem even worse.  After the first mile, the pitch eases off a bit and I settled into a solid tempo pace and consistent rhythm.

Passing riders was a nice distraction from CashCall Cycling’s Paul Abraham’s voice in my head saying “every time the hill lets up, that’s the time to drill it”.  Although a great thought, this was the opposite of what my legs were saying.  As I approached the final 2.5 miles of the climb, the trail descended momentarily then returned to a mild 3.8% incline, an easy spin for my Single Speed. But wait, that’s too easy!  The course was not smooth and dry –  add 6 inches of snow and a couple of icy corners to make the event even more challenging. These elements along with the terrain kept the challenge factor at maximum all the way to the finish.  I crossed the finish line recording my best time ever, 1:08:38. I was very happy with my effort and then I found out it was good enough to Win! After years of racing, to finally win a race felt fantastic.  I look forward to my next race.  Can I win again?  Hopefully.  For sure though, I will enjoy every mile riding with my friends.

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