Interbike 2015

The KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team had a great time at Interbike this past week. We had the opportunity to join KHS Bicycles in the unveiling of the new 2016 KHS Flite 900 Team model bicycle. This project has been a great undertaking by KHS as well as Paul Abrahams, and it was really exciting for the team to see the new design as well as talk to KHS dealers from around the country about the new features. We are looking forward to racing on this frame in 2016.


Our week at Interbike was packed with sponsor meetings which gave our athletes a chance to interact with our partners at both Out Door Demo and inside at the show. We are also so humbled by the support we receive from our partners and it was really cool to walk by the Velo Saddles and Xpedo booths and see Ulises Castillo leading the team, larger than life!


Our bottom bracket sponsor, Praxis Works, has supported our team since the beginning and we were the first big team they were partnered with. These relationships are integral to the success of our program and having them part of our team is fantastic. This was the first time for both Efren Flores and Shawn Wayland to take part in Interbike, so having the chance to meet Adam from Praxis and learn about his journey as a cyclists, business owner and pioneer in the industry was priceless.


Ken and Jen from Xpedo, our pedal sponsors, create a fantastic product, super cool shirts, and are always excited to interact with our riders, gain their feedback, and help support the team as it grows. Thank you Jen and Ken!


Being at the show and interacting with so many of our sponsors was a great send off to the off season for our athletes and the team. Know we have the support of such high level partners gives us the confidence to charge forward with our off season training, setting our sights high for 2016. We are looking forward to what the next season will bring!

Thank you to our sponsors: KHS Bicycles, Maxxis Tires, JLVelo, Serfas, Shimano, Velo Saddles, Praxis Works, Xpedo Pedals, Kali Protectives, NDXSports, Bike Religion, Bicycle Blue Book, WD-40 BIKE, Chamois Butt’r, Cycling Illustrated, Rennie & Associates, Kramp Krushers, Ultra Cycle, 360 Camera, and Q2.

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