Ladera Ranch Grand Prix: Podium Finish!

David Santos on the narrow and fast course. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Ladera Ranch Grand Prix is a season favorite of the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team. The course is narrow and fast, nestled in the model-community of Ladera Ranch, CA. The week leading into the race boasted some of the highest temperatures of the summer so far, surpassing the 110F mark on many occasions. Fortunately, the Pro 1/2 men’s race was at 4:30pm when the temperatures had dropped and the wind picked up.

The full CashCall team was at the race, keeping it animated from the start. Attack after attack went up the road, however no moves lasted longer than 3 laps. On this course, you can quickly get out of sight of the peloton, but with motivated solo riders and teams missing the moves, a sprint finish was destined to happen.

Lee Muse on the attack heading into the start/finish area. Photo Credit: Danny Munson


Devan Dunn in the bunch under the race banner. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

 Devan Dunn attacked early in the race, forcing MRI and Mountain Khakis to chase hard to reel him in. As soon as he was caught, a CashCall duo of Stefano Barberi and Brian McCulloch were on the attack.

Devan Dunn in an early race solo move. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Leading into the finishing laps, the CashCall train is getting set up, along side Monster Media and Mountain Khakis.

The CashCall Team, along with Monster Media and Mountain Khakis, lining up for the sprint finish. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Sprinter Justin Williams fought hard to the line, coming in second by the width of his front tire! Lee Muse had a solid finish in 5th place in the sprint.

Justin Williams 2nd by a tire in the sprint. Photo Credit: Danny Munson


Ladera Ranch Grand Prix Podium
Shane Kline (Mountain Khakis) 1st
Justin Williams (CashCall) 2nd
Enrique Aldopo (Calimex) 3rd


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