Law Victorious at Lago Vista

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Hailing from Australia, Scott Law is a new addition to the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team for the 2018 season. Having raced against him last season, we are excited to have him the Elevate Blue colors where we know he will shine. Scott brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, along with a great sense of humor and infectious laugh. Lining up for his first races with the team in Texas, he came away victorious at Lago Vista Primavera and we had a chance to check in with him and see how the race unfolded.

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Elevate-KHS: This trip to Texas was your first official travel race with the team. With a successful first weekend at Pace Bend, you lined up for another double-header at Lago Vista. Saturday you won the race in a sprint – your first win as a member of the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team! Tell us about the race and how it came together in the finale. 

Scott Law: The race was a 8.5km circuit featuring a long gradual ascent followed by some short and sharp descents as the finish approached. The finish itself was a sharp uphill sprint from 150m to go.

As the race started, the attacks came in earnest. Many of the teams from Texas had strength in numbers which they used to place multiple riders into the breakaways. My teammates George, Heath, Nick and myself all tried to place ourselves into the moves to be represented in case the move would stick. But with the relentless pace and attacking nature of the field, the moves became nullified.

Coming into 1 lap to go, the team all rallied together and began to work at the front as we hit the final short and sharp descents into the finish. The local teams as well as some very strong individual riders including Sebastian Haedo from UHC, began to line up behind us in preparation for the leadout. Nick was the first to set the pace, building up the speed down the descents and punching it over the climbs to neutralize any teams from jumping over the top of us. With 1km to go, George took over the pace with a blistering turn of strength and speed to put me perfectly into position with 200m to go. Once I hit the 200m to go mark, I opened up my sprint, going hard into the sharp climb to the finish. With Haedo and many others breathing down my neck into the sprint, I was unsure I could hold my turn of speed to the line. I began to fade with a couple of meters to go, but the line came up much quicker than I thought and I was able to hold onto the win.

Elevate-KHS: How are you enjoying the vibe of the new team and racing with your new teammates here at Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling?

Scott Law: I’m super pumped about the vibe and culture of the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team. I’ve only ever been on one or two other teams with the same beliefs and passion that this team has, and I have always done really well in that environment. So I’m super excited to see what else both the team and myself have in store for 2018.

Elevate-KHS: What’s next on your racing calendar?

Scott Law: Our next race for the year will be the Chico Stage Race. I’m really looking forward to get back out on the road with my teammates and hopefully having some good results, but also have fun!

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