Mammoth Training Camp


On May 18th, we sent four of our riders up to Mammoth for 2+ weeks of altitude training. Shawn Wayland, Chris Barton, Fabrizio Von Nacher and Efren Flores headed out to the high country at precisely the same time a winter cold front landed in the Eastern Sierra mountains. Not be thwarted, they have logged over 400 miles, 35 hours, and many great adventures on their KHS Bicycles over the past two weeks.

With multiple long days on the bike, extreme weather to navigate, and altitude reaching above 10,000ft, we were all excited to hear more about the riders adventures. We asked our fans on Facebook and Instagram to ask the athletes a question, and they came up with some pretty good ones, and the guys did not disappoint with their answers. 

KHS: How long did it take you to acclimate to the elevation? 

Fabi: It took me about four days to start feeling better in the altitude, but I think I am still working on it.

Shawn: I still feel like I am acclimating! The first 5 days were rough though…

Chris: It took a full 5 days of 2 hour rides before we could put out good power and do real rides.

Efren: It took a good 4 days to acclimate to the elevation eough to put out some good efforts and recover amply for the next day.


KHS: What is the #1 most important piece of sponsor equipment that has helped you deal with the snow/rain/cold while training in Mammoth?

Fabi: JLVelo Rain Cape! It is super comfortable to carry in your back pocket and it doesn’t get too warm when you are wearing it.

Shawn: The JLVelo riding jackets and rain jackets have literally been a lifesaver in the cold and wet weather. Pretty sure I’d have gotten hypothermia without them.

Chris: The JLVelo winter gloves have really saved my fingers riding in the snow/hail/rain.

Efren: The JLVelo jackets and cold weather clothing was essential to surviving the first week of the camp as it was very cold. The clothing kept us at optimum temperature allowing us to finish each ride without frostbite or hypothermia.

KHS: The four of you have been up there for quite awhile now. What’s one thing you learned about one of your teammates, that you never knew before? 

Fabi: I learned that Chris is a great chef. Shawn uses coconut oil not only to cook, but for a lot of different stuff. From Efren, I learned that he loves to leave a small bit of food left all the time.

Shawn: I learned Efren plays guitar and rides motorcycles.

Chris: I have learned that Efren is really good at poker.

Efren: I have learned a lot about my team mate’s humor and personal interests. Spending this time in close quarters has strengthened our friendships even more.



KHS: Has Fabi made you all French Toast yet? 

Fabi: Of course!

Shawn: Fabi has made more soup than anything. That’s been his meal choice of the trip.

Chris: Fabi has made us French toast! It was delicious.

Efren: Fabi has cooked all of us some fantastic French Toast. It is what I wake up in the morning for!!

KHS: How many times has Shawn made you drive to the grocery store for bananas, and how many has he eaten? 

Fabi: We have been in the grocery store 10 times just to buy Shawn bananas, he has probably eaten 50.

Shawn: Everyone else is going to lie about the answer to this question. Haha. I’ve cut back quite a bit. I have 3 or so a day. So market visits haven’t been as frequent.

Chris: Shawn brought two huge boxes of food for himself, so he has been very self sufficient in the banana department.

Efren: Shawn has been considerate in conveniently buying his groceries at the same time as everyone us does. As far as bananas go, Shawn has had his desired amount.



KHS: Of all the rides you have done up there, which one was your favorite and why? 

Fabi: I loved the climb that when up to 10,000 feet.

Shawn: We did a 100 mile loop with 7k of climbing on Memorial Day. It was quite memorable. We had a headwind pretty much the whole day. It was a fun loop, and was probably the gnarliest hundo I’ve done.

Chris: My favorite ride so far has been when we rode up to Rock Creek trailhead. It is the highest road around at 10,300ft and with the snow there were some breathtaking views!

Efren: My favorite ride was the Mammoth Century we did a few days ago. It was 5.5 hrs. of beautiful scenery and adventure.

KHS: Did you keep track of total miles so far? 

Fabi: We have ride about 30-35 hours

Shawn: I haven’t been keeping much track. Sort of taking it day by day. I think after today around 400?

Chris: I don’t know about miles, but so far we have logged just under 30 hours on the bike.

Efren: I have not kept track of total miles so far on the trip. We don’t have Internet at the cabin so I haven’t had a chance to upload and review all my rides yet.

KHS: What is the longest ride you did in one day?

Fabi: The longest ride I have done is a 5:30hr ride.

Shawn: The century was our longest ride. 5.5 hours.

Chris: Out longest ride so far was a 102 miles loop, but it felt wayyy longer because we had a headwind for the entire ride! It was brutal but I think it made us tougher.


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