McKinley School Visit

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Brian McCulloch talk to the group of 400 school children at McKinley Elementary School in Redlands, CA

The KHS-Maxxis p/b JAKROO Cycling Team had the great opportunity to talk visit the McKinley Elementary School. The school is Located in Redlands, CA where the team will be racing next month at the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Riders Brian McCulloch, Thomas Jondall, Marcu Le Mao, Fabrizio Von Nacher and Joy McCulloch spoke to the group of 400 students. The riders really enjoy talking about the passion of cycling and how they have come to this level in the sport. The students were excited to hear about everything from training to nutrition and why the riders wear those funny shoes and outfits. The students were really excited to hear international riders, Fabrizio and Marcu, talk in Spanish and French and to hear their accents!

Interacting with the local community is a key aspect of the KHS-Maxxis p/b JAKROO team as it is an invaluable aspect of developing the sport of cycling and a great chance for the team to highlight their excellent riders and sponsors. It is the perfect platform to highlight the importance of daily activity, spending time outdoors, and taking care of the body by what what you eat and how you take care of it.

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Brian, Thomas and Marcu answering the students questions.

In conjunction with the Redlands Bicycle Classic there are two events the students can take part in – a Public Race and The School Dual which is open to all the local children in Redlands with a bicycle and a helmet. The riders were able to talk to the students about bike safety and how the kids could prepare for the event next month. The whole team is looking forward to having the kids stop by their pits at the downtown Criterium.

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Lot’s of hands raised for questions!

Once the presentation was over, the riders were able to answer one-on-one questions from the students and let them touch their bicycles and see how they work. After several autographs were signed, Fabrizio clipped into his bike and did a few laps of the field and play ground which was truly the highlight of everyones day.

Fabrizio signing autographs for the kids.

Fabrizio signing autographs for the kids.

The team is looking forward to visiting another school in the near future to continue to spread the positive word of cycling and healthy living!

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