Memorial Day Criterium: CashCall Cycling wins again!

Every Memorial Day, California Bicycle Racing (CBR) puts on a great criterium event in Carson, CA. Service men and women race for free as a token of gratitude for their service. The holiday and great weather brings big crowds every year to this event. This past Monday, the course was on the “old course” with right hand turns. This is a wide open course with a slight down hill into the 2nd right hand turn. You quickly turn again with a small gain in elevation before the 4th and final turn that leads into the 2% grade straight away to the finish.

Our riders have raced here dozens of times and knew that the wind would play to their advantage and help to break the race apart. Team member Anthony Canevari who suffered a broken hand in Missouri earlier this month was on the sidelines cheering and supporting his team. “Being on the spectator side of things is almost as exciting as being in the race. Watching my teammates decimate the field was really fun,” stated Canevari. (He is on the trainer and recovering well from his injury – expect to see him back in the peloton down the road!)

Anthony’s description was quite accurate as attack after attack from CashCall split the field in many parts. Michael Weicht and Brian McCulloch made a solid move with 2 other riders, breaking the rubber band to the peloton.

Michael Weicht and Brian McCulloch in the early break. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

But the animation of the field brought more riders across and they were joined by Devan Dunn and Justin Williams as Lee Muse hung in no-mans land between the break and the peloton. As the groups would be absorbed through out the race, more attack from CashCall would be launched. David Santos suffered a flat at the halfway point and jumped right back into the field to create another attack.

Lee Muse bridging to the break solo. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

The aggressive style of racing split the field up even farther with Michael, Lee, Devan, Justin and Brian ending up in the select front group of 15-20. With a few laps to go, Michael unleashed a barrage of power that catapulted him off the front into what would be the winning move. Solo off the front.

Michael Weicht on a solo attack for the win. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Michael Weicht winning solo as the field chases hard. Photo credit: Danny Munson

On the last lap, McCulloch sent up a Hail-Mary for second place. He held his solo position between Michael and the hard chasing break until right before turn 4. Lee and Devan had Justin lined up perfectly for the final field sprint, sealing up 2nd and 4th places. Santos and Holloway finished with what was left of the main group.

Rider Wes Holloway is happy to be back in the peloton after a knee injury. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Canevari was impressed with his teammates tenacity on the day. “Lap after lap I saw them relentlessly attack and show they are the strongest guys in the field. Placing 1, 2, and 4th is impeccable. But what’s better than that is we sill have room to improve.” Say’s Canevari. “Being on the sidelines allowed me to see that and gain a new perspective to our team and our growth potential.”