Ontario Mid-Season Criterium

David Santos and Brian McCulloch on the attack at Ontario. Photo Credit: Danny MunsonDavid Santos and Brian McCulloch on the attack at Ontario. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

After spending a month on the road racing, it was a welcome change of pace to race at home in Southern California. After the CA/NV State Time Trial Championships on Saturday, we headed to Ontario for the Mid-Season Criterium Sunday afternoon. Chris Barton, David Santos and Brian McCulloch raced the 75 minute event, ultimately placing Santos on the podium for 2nd place.

Chris Barton checked in with us and answered a few questions about the race and about his first season with the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team. Thanks for taking the time, Chris!

Q: The team had a mini-stage race this weekend, racing the state TT championships on Saturday which covered 24 miles, then a criterium on saturday. You are quite the stage racer, so this was nothing new for you. Did you approach this weekend any differently? 

A: True, we did have back to back races, but the total volume wasn’t very high so I treated the weekend as two short but intense efforts. Basically I made sure I was fresh.

Q: Saturday you had an awesome Time Trial, placing 2nd to teammate David Santos. How did you feel about that event? 

A: Saturday was tough. It’s been years since I’ve done a 40km TT, so getting second was a victory for me. No shame losing to Dave, either. He’s really good at time trials.

Q: On Sunday, you were joined by David Santos and Brian McCulloch to race the Ontario Mid-Season Criterium. Tell us a bit about the race and how it played out.

A: Sunday’s race was a but frustrating at times, but fun. We were outnumbered by MRI and Full Circle. I ended up in a break with two from each and they weren’t happy with me being there. We were caught by the field. Brian did a great job of keeping us in position for the finish, and with a half lap to go I attacked with Dave on my wheel. There was a solo rider up and the road and we got a gap and Dave was able to hold the field off to take 2nd place.

Q: This is your first season with the team and we are at the half way point. How has your experience been so far and what does the next half of the season hold for you?

A: I’ve really enjoyed the first half of my season. I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated team and support staff. We have learned a lot as a group so far and I’m confident things will just get better as the second half of the season rolls around.

Thank you Danny Munson for the photos!


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