Rider Interview: Meet Duban Sanchez

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

Duban Sanchez comes to the team from Columbia, and resides in Riverside, CA. He currently is attending college California State University, Fullerton where he is studying business. Duban also works at Cyclery USA where he wrenches on bikes, works the sales floor, and ensures that all customers have a great experience in the shop. Duban has raced along side the KHS team for the past several years, and we have watched him grow and develop as a racer, which prompted us to add him to our 2016 roster. Duban is a crafty criterium racer, and has the potential to be a great teammate through out the season.

KHS: This was your first stage race with the team. How was it racing with purpose and having specific jobs to do within the stages to help the team out?

Duban Sanchez: Racing with a specific job makes racing different, because I don’t have to just focus on me and how am I going to win. Now I have to focus on how I’m going to do my best to accomplish that specific job and how I can help the whole team get the best result possible.

KHS: This is your first year on the KHS program. Being a local of SoCal, you have been racing against the squad for many years. How excited were you to have the opportunity to join the team for 2016?

DS: I was supper excited because for the last couple of years I seen the great results that this team is been able to achieve and the cool races that they go to!

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: What events on the calendar are you most excited for this season, and why?

DS: I’m most excited for the Redlands Bicycle Classic because that’s my home race! I’m also looking forward to the NRC criteriums later on in the year and Cascade Cycling Classic as well.

KHS: Now that we are a few months into the season, what is the most exciting part of being on the team? What is the most challenging aspect of being on the team?

DS: The most exciting part of being on the team is that I have been able to learn so much from each of the guys on the team. Being able to have the support from not only the team but from all the great group of sponsors and people that care about this team has been great.

The most challenging aspects is like I said before, to change my mentality from racing solo. Now I don’t just think about me – I need to think about the team and I need to make space in the race for one more person, as well as stay with my teammates in the group.

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