Rider Interview: Shawn Wayland

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Shawn Wayland is a new edition to the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team. He hails from Simi Valley, CA and caught the eye of our team early in 2014 with his tenacious podium finishes as a solo racer and explosive sprint. He is now two months into the 2015 season with the team, so we decided to check in with Shawn to learn how the season is going.

KHS: This is your first season with the team, what do you think so far? 

SW: It’s been a heck of a journey so far, and it is just February!  I’m stoked to be on the team, and very thankful for all of the guys on the team for being so welcoming and friendly.  This was a big transition year for me to be traveling around and racing some road races that are challenging me in new ways, and just races in general that I haven’t done in the past. But it’s been great to have a team that is so supportive and understanding in guiding me through the motions.  And everyone on the team gets along and has a good time hanging out off the bike as well as on.  It’s just been a real positive experience and I’m happy to be here.

KHS: I heard you like to eat bananas, what’s up with that? 

SW: I should have known a banana question was coming. Bananas are an easy fuel source for riding, and they’re cheap.  They go with almost any food, are filling, and taste good.  So I eat a lot of them.

KHS: How did you get into cycling and racing? 

SW: I got into racing in high school riding my dad’s mountain bike. I did a few of the High School MTB races with the Royal High Mountain Bike Team.  In the summer, after being fed up with the amount of rattlesnakes on the trails around my house though, I started riding the mountain bike on the road.  Next thing I knew, I liked it because I could ride way faster on the pavement than the dirt.  In September of 2011 I sold my dirt bike and put that money towards a road bike.  Botta-boom botta-bing, I bought a USAC license and started racing road as a Cat 5.

KHS: Off of the top of your head, what 3 things stand out the most about racing for and with a team?

SW: The top 3 things that stand out as racing as a team are: 1) Sacrifice.  Everyone is willing to lay it on the line for each other.  2) Tactics.  When you have a handful of guys all working together, who are super strong and race changers, it’s impressive what can be accomplished.  3) Growth.  I learn a lot by being around guys who are faster than me and have ridden longer than I have.


Photo Credit: Danny Munson

KHS: What race are you most excited about in 2015? 

SW: I’ll be doing so many new races, I can’t really say which one I’m most excited about.  I think Redlands will be fun, Dana Point, and Tulsa Tough.

KHS: Has your training changed for the 2015 season? If so, how? 

SW: My training has changed a lot.  I’ve pretty much coached myself up until this point, and once I joined KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo, Paul has been overseeing my training.  I think the main thing Paul has taught me is it’s okay to go hard.  It’s okay to keep pushing.  I’ve been doing a lot more intervals and intensity, a lot earlier in the year than usual.

KHS: The team has some pretty interesting characters – if they could be action figures/super heroes, who would they be?

SW:Brian McCulloch: Captain America because he is super patriotic.

Shawn Daurelio: The Hulk because he looks like he could smash people!

Fabrizio Von Nacher and Sergio Escutia: Batman and Robin, because they are the Dynamic Mexican Duo! Although Fabi would be a good Nacho Libre…

David Santos: Flash, because he is fast and a Ginger, and Flash wears a red suit.

Chris Barton: Yosemite Sam, because of the mustache of course!

Chris Johnson: Astro Boy!

Editors Note: The team decided that Shawn would be Tarzan, because of the bananas.

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

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