Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium: Interview with Sergio Escutia

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

Athlete Sergio Escutia joined the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo team for half of the 2014 season and has begun his first official season with our team. He and the team raced their second criterium of the year in Brea, CA and we were able to sit down with him and ask him a few questions about the season and how the race played out.

You spent the majority of your winter training in Monterey, Mexico. How did it go for you? 

Cold and miserable, just the way I like it. I love to ride in that situation. It’s epic.

Since being back in California, what has been a highlight for you? 

The training camp we had in Tustin, CA to meet the new guys, meeting the sponsors and starting with the whole team getting synchronized.

We have had two race weekends including Boulevard Road Race, Red Trolley Criterium and this past weekend Roger Milliken Memorial Criterium. How has the racing begun for you? 

Every single race that we do I feel that I am getting better and better. The first one was pretty rough, the second one was better, and on Sunday I felt like my fitness was coming together.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

This was your first time racing at Roger Milliken, what did you think about the course? 

I really liked it. It was very fast and a huge field – 120 riders. The climb leading into the finishing stretch was good and allowed us to have some action in the race. We had six riders with myself, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Shawn Wayland, Shawn Daurelio, Brian McCulloch and Chris Barton.

The race was 75 minutes and within the final laps, you and teammate Chris Barton made a gutsy move that almost stayed away. How did that pan out? 

Chris and I saw an opportunity to take the race away from the sprinters, and we attacked together and we went for it. Chris stuck it out until the final turn, when the chasing peloton overtook him. It was the right move, we just need to execute it differently.

Fabrizio Von Nacher ended up 4th in the sprint finish.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

What is your final take away from Sunday’s race? 

The team is coming together great we are excited to head to Valley of The Sun Stage Race this week to test our time trial skills and team racing on a bigger stage. These past two weekends of racing have helped us get into race mode. I feel the team is in a great position to get spectacular results at Valley of the Sun.

It was great to have Kate Mills from JLVelo at the race to cheer us on and to get feedback about our clothing from myself and my teammates. It is awesome to be partnered with a company that is so excited to see us race and perform in their products.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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