Roger Millikan Race Report


Fabrizio Von Nacher wins Roger Millikan Criterium, Justin Williams 2nd!Fabrizio Von Nacher wins Roger Millikan Criterium, Justin Williams 2nd! Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Fabrizio Von Nacher recently joined the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team. He has relocated to Los Angeles from Mexico so that he can train and race with the team. At 19, he is our youngest rider yet packs one of the most powerful sprints. Here is what he has to say about his first win for the CashCall team.

“The plan for the race was to have at least two CashCall riders in each breakaway during the first half of the race. If none of those breaks stuck, we were to start attacking the second half of the race. With 20 minutes left in the race, and there wasn’t a break up the road, we would line the team up for the field sprint. At the start of the race, I rode aggressively and then my teammates told me to take it easy and relax for the final sprint. In the last lap, the team did a great job setting up Justin Williams and me for the sprint. The team was key in helping me win and Justin placing 2nd.

I felt really good in the race and my teammates made me feel confident that I could win the race. The entire team worked very hard to set me up for the sprint. To race well and win with my family there was the best thing. My dad, coach, and god father were visiting, and it made me feel great showing them the awesome team I have and that I am with really nice people.”

Experienced racer Cole House has also set-up shop in Southern California from his snowy home in Wisconsin, so that he can make the most of the great weather and being close to the majority of the CashCall athletes.

“Sunday was our third race of the season, second crit. We definitely didn’t want it 
to end up anything near what happen at Red Trolly last Sunday. Nobody had to say it, everybody just knew as a team we had to come away with the win. In the pre-race meeting, Paul wanted to be greedy and go 1,2 and 3 (I like his style, if you don’t, that’s too bad). The Orders were “you guys figure it out and make it happen,” which is also a 
test of leadership and teamwork.

The course was your typical 4-corner rectangle industrial park crit. Wide turns, 
wide straights, (brakes were just weighing the bike down). The backside was a slight 
uphill all the way to the final turn. Once you made the turn, there was about 300 meters slightly downhill to the

 As always, the race started off fast, with a lot of attacks. With the CashCall team covering
 them perfectly. However, nothing really looked to have the organization needed to be a
 successful breakaway. It was almost as if guys were trying to sneak away. But as soon as we had guys in the moves, the other riders would play shy, which is fine. This is a race 
after all. There was one move that looked to have momentum. We had guys in it and 
most of the other teams had riders in it as well. But as always, there’s somebody who feels they can bridge alone to their teammate in the break…

On to the final 10 laps…

With no moves sticking, it was time to set up and keep control of the race. With 7 
guys (Brian McCulloch, Michael Weicht, Justin Williams, Chris Barton, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Wes Holloway and myself), we had plenty of fire-power to do so. In the first few laps we struggled a bit 
to dial it in. But after several attempts and some adjustments, the leadout was looking
 awesome. Far different than the previous weekends showing. There was a few teams 
that pulled up and challenged us for a bit, but they lacked the true organization needed.
 We took full advantage and would let them fire a few bullets and back to the front 
we would go to regain control.

ONE TO GO! A couple of Monster Media guys had weaseled their way in near the front 
of our train and were looking to play sly… Between turn 1 and 2, the 3rd Monster
Media rider sat up and started yelling “Go Go Go…” Being loud isn’t sneaky.  But
 being alert and ready with Fez (Fabrizio) and Justin on my wheel I started to
 accelerate coming out of turn 2 up the back straight.  One last check to see Fez was 
still there and I went full gas. Maybe a bit too soon, as I was hoping to get him past
 the final turn, but I started to fade just short of the last turn. But Fez didn’t
 panic. Instead, he played dead and lured a rider into jumping and just like that, was 
on the wheel, making the sprint look effortless with Justin slotting into 2nd 
perfectly.  Ok, wasn’t exactly what the Orders were, but Paul will just have to be
 happy with 1st and 2nd!  We’ll save that 1,2,3 for another day. :)

Overall, the guys rode awesome. There is still still work to be done, though. For being our
 second crit together as a new group of riders it’s awesome. The way everybody
adapted to the necessary adjustments as a team to keep everything under control was
great to see. I’m excited see how much we excel forward as the season goes on. The
 first real test will be in two weeks at the Merco Cycling Classic.”

Thanks for reading – Cole