Santiago Canyon Time Trial WIN By Fabrizio Von Nacher

Hailing from Monterey, Mexico, Fabrizio Von Nacher took his seconds win of the 2014 season at the Santiago Canyon Time Trial this past Saturday. Teammate Thomas Jondall placed 3rd and Joy McCulloch 2nd in the Elite Women’s race.

Author Fabrizio Von Nacher. Photo Credit Danny Munson

Author Fabrizio Von Nacher. Photo Credit Danny Munson

“Santiago Canyon TT was a great race to practice. I got there and warmed up really good because I wanted to do a good time and to have a good TT. After warming up and getting all set up, I went to the start line. Before I went, I was trying to be 100% focused. I knew it was a false flat start and I couldn’t go all in at the beginning, because the hard part was at the middle section that is going uphill into the canyon.

Once I got to the canyon I went as hard as I could up the canyon because in the downhill it is hard to put time on the other riders. When I got to the down hill sections I started going all in, but it was extremely windy and the wind was moving me all a lot. I almost crashed a couple of times but I manged to stay in control of my bike and stay in a aero position. Finally, I got to the flat section and I knew I was close to the finish so I just pushed as hard as I could to stop the clock in a good time. Overall I knew I did a great effort and it helped me practice and get better in the TT.

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