School Visits at Redlands Bicycle Classic

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team had the opportunity to visit 3 area schools leading into the Redlands Bicycle Classic. These school visits are always a highlight for the riders, as they get to interact with many children who are eager to meet the pros. With athletes from four countries, the school kids were treated not only to information about safely riding their bicycles, but accents and stories of riding and racing in far off lands such as Australia, Mexico and Canada.

After safety demonstrations, talk about the Redlands Classic, and tips on being healthy student-athletes, the kids were able to ask questions. From wanting to know if the riders could take breaks, where their food came from, and how fast or far they had ridden, the students had excellent questions. However, the best question came from the last student, “but can you do anything cool?” he asked. Yes indeed they can! Alfredo Rodriguez then showcased his BMX background with a wheelie across the blacktop waiving to the students, followed by high-fives for everyone.

Arroyo Verde Middle School is located on the Highland Circuit Race course, which allowed the students to come out to cheer on their new favorite team during the stage 3 race. With handmade signs, dozens of cowbells and lots of cheering, their added support sure helped spur the team on that day as James Piccoli finished 3rd on the stage.

Thank you Redlands Bicycle Classic for helping organize school visits so that the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team could interact with the community, talk about their passion for sport, safety and healthy living with over 600 school children prior to the event. We hope to see these young riders out at the races next year!

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