Torrence Criterium, by Efren Flores

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

The KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo Cycling Team raced the 75 minute Torrence Criterium this past weekend. We fielded a team of 6 with Chris Barton, Brian McCulloch, David Santos, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Shawn Wayland and myself.

At the start of the race, there were around 80 riders at the line with some good competition. Conditions were decent with a strong head/cross wind on the finishing straight. The race started out very fast and the pace did not slow down.

About 10 minutes into the race, Chris Barton and Dave Santos took off and were away in a breakaway for about 20 minutes. The field seemed to want to sprint at the finish and before the break was caught, Brian, Shawn and I covered attacks leading up to the catch of Chris and Dave. When the break was caught, I countered and went solo for a few laps.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

With about 40 minutes to go in the race, Chris and Fabrizio countered my attack and were gone in another move for 20 minutes. From there, I countered again but realized I hadn’t taken anyone with me again, so was solo for another couple laps.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

In the closing laps we moved to the front to lead out our sprinters Chris Barton, Shawn Wayland, and Fabrizio Von Nacher. On the final lap I jumped to the very front to keep the pace strung out and took it to the final corner where I peeled off for the finishing straight where it was an all out drag race to the line. Danny Kam of Monster Media put himself in a good position and was able to take the sprint for the win. Chris Barton took 2nd, Fabrizio 3rd, Shawn 4th, and Dave Santos took 5th. It was an exciting, animated race ending in a close sprint.

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

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