Tulsa Tough Photos and Report

Pre-race set up for Tulsa Tough. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

“Tulsa Tough is a one of a kind race.  It always lives up to it’s name and the promoter does one amazing job. The courses were awesome and the people of Tulsa who cheered us all on while we suffered up crybaby were fantastic.  The Tulsa tough is one of my favorite races and I can’t wait to come back next year!” Rider Dave Santos stated.

Devan Dunn in a breakaway at sunset. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Justin Williams had an amazing race the first night of the three criteriums. The team focused on getting him on the podium and did not disappoint. I took a moment to have Justin give his side of how his second place finish came about.

Justin Williams riding to his 2nd place finish. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

“The first night of Tulsa was exciting. I’ve been looking forward to it since being out of shape last year and not doing so great. The race started hard and there was an attack right off the line. Feeling a bit ants,y I followed it. Being the first lap and all, no one really wanted to roll the move. About half way through the race , we missed the move.

Lee Muse, Dave Santos, Brian McCulloch and Devan Dunn riding at the front to set Justin up for the finish. Photo Credit: Danny Munson
The team working with Jamis to bring the break back. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Paul sent Brian McCulloch back to collect the guys and bring the move back. It was impressive to see my boys on the front riding the break back in what I think has been the hardest crit all year. After brining the break back, it was time to get into position. Not knowing the race was 60 minutes long (we thought it was longer) it was time to get to the front. On the last lap I was on Ken Hansons (Optum) wheel and we seemed to be going fast enough where I thought this would be the order out of the last corner. Coming off the down hill, another Optum rider decided it would be a great idea to dive inside of his teammate Hanson. Being the witty rider that he is, Brad Huff (Jelly Belly) followed into the last corner. We were 3 wide and I was stuck in the middle. I saw a lane to the inside where I would be able to straighten up sooner and start my sprint before anyone else. I took it, but in a panic. My rear wheel chattered and I could feel the momentum lost. I hit the pedals as hard as I could, but I could see Hanson had momentum. 2nd again by half a wheel. I can feel the win coming, today just wasn’t my day.”


Tulsa Tough Blue Dome Crit: Ken Hanson (Optum) 1st; Justin Williams (CashCall) 2nd; Brad Huff (Jelly Belly) 3rd. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

“Tulsa tough is one of the most intense races of the year. It is blazing hot, crazy fast, and super competitive. The CashCall guys rode like champs all three days and really showed Tulsa, as well as the rest of the pro peloton, what CashCall is all about! I especially love going up Cry Baby Hill. The fans are so close to you, and it was so awesome to hear how many people knew about CashCall and KHS and were cheering us on.” Lee Muse

Michael Weicht had a great weekend of racing in Tulsa. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

“It was great to make the break and suffer up crybaby hill with thousands of people watching. It was really the most exciting race i’ve been in and our team is clearly knocking on the door to a national level win.” Devan Dunn

Devan Dunn attacking the breakaway on Cry Baby Hill. Photo Credit: Danny Munson
Brian McCulloch with breakaway partner Eric Marcotte climbing Cry Baby Hill. Photo Credit: Danny Munson