World Championship Recap: Fabrizio Von Nacher

Photo Credit: Danny MunsonPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

Getting ready for Worlds was an exciting process. We started building up some more base for about 2 weeks. Then my coach Paul Abrahams helped me to do a lot of strong rides on the roads of Irvine. And finally, I stared slowing down to recover for the race.

The event was incredible. The organization was excellent and the course was in great condition. What I enjoyed the most was the people in Richmond, they were extremely nice. The day we went to see the course was great because we got to ride beside all the pros. It was an incredible experience.

Fabi Worlds1
The race was like a criterium just on a longer course and a lot longer distance at 100 miles. The pace was always hard and with all the turns (18), it was sometimes dangerous. The cobblestone climbs we super fun, but what people didn’t realize is that the fight wasn’t in the cobblestone. The hardest part was getting into the cobblestone climbs. That was a full-out sprint to the bottom of the climb.

Fabi Worlds 2

My plan was to be patient and save all the energy I could. It was hard for me and my teammates to stay in the front and save more energy because we just have 3 riders in a field of 170. But we did an incredible job of staying together, creating  space and moving up together. At the end, we fought as hard as we could to stay in the front and get the best result we could. It was a good learning experience and it helped us release what we need to work on for the future.

I want to thank all my KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo teammates and all the team sponsors for their support. Even though I raced for my national team, the reason I had a great year is because of all the support the team and the people that believe in the program give us everyday. I will always be proud to say I am part of this incredible family.

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