Three more Top steps

This past weekend served up to be a another great race weekend for the Elevate KHS Pro cycling team, as they add 4 more podiums 3 of which were 1st place finishes. After a week long training camp, half the team headed to Texas while the other half stayed in California.

We start off with the boys in Texas at  Pace Bend where Nick Torraca soloed to first place and earning himself his first podium of the season.

The same day, back in California, the other half of the team put on a great show at the Rosena Ranch Circuit Race with Alfredo Rodriguez sprints to a close win.

And we don’t end there,

Back in Texas the team finished of the weekend at Pace Bend with George Simpson sprinting to the finish as Nick Torraca gets back on the podium in 3rd place.

Great job to the whole the team on a fantastic weekend of racing.