Boise Twilight Criterium

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Photo Credit: Danny Munson

For the 4th year in a row, we headed to Boise, ID to race the NCC Boise Twilight Criterium on our way to Cascade Cycling Classic. This is a great event with an exciting atmosphere where our team has had great success each time we have competed in it. Sprinter and our top finisher on the day, Fabrizio Von Nacher, recounts his experience in the race:
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Photo Credit: Danny Munson

“Boise twilight is always a fun race to do. I love the town and the people are great. I knew it was going to be an interesting race because there were a lot of good teams. I got a call-up so that made my start much more easier. Once the race started I stayed top ten most of the race, because that was the plan. Meanwhile my teammates Dave, Steven and Sergio were being aggressive and always on the moves, so I was not worried. When it came down to the last 10 laps that’s where my job stared. The plan changed when UHC went to the front with 30 min to go, it was a surprise because they normally wait for the last 15 min, but there was a break up the road and it was strong. So my job started earlier than planned. It was a constant fight for position for 30 minutes but I didn’t get over excited and I was patient. In the last two laps, it was super fast and I managed to get in a good position and sprint and be 7th.
I want to thank all my teammates, team sponsors, Paul and Joy for making all this possible!”
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Photo Credit: Danny Munson

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China DH Race

Dealer of Hangzhou sponsorsed a DH racer in 2014.  Madwheel Yang Rui racing on a KHS DH 150 won the third prize in New Racer group. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a racer with aspirations of moving on up.

Thin Air & A Beautiful View: A View from The Top of Sherman Pass

Brady District 3 Thin Air & A Beautiful View: A View from The Top of Sherman PassAuthor Brian McCulloch Photo Credit: Danny Munson

At 53 miles, the Sherman Pass Road Race that starts just outside of Pearsonville near Ridgecrest, CA. This is by far not the longest race that I have competed in this season. However, with 8,700 vertical feet of climbing that begins with a 16 mile climb, this is without a doubt, one of the most difficult races I will compete in this season.

As the promoter of the event, Steve Barnes does not mince words and aptly calls his company, Anti-Gravity Cycling… it’s an appropriate name, and I can tell you that for 3.5hrs of my Saturday I was fighting with gravity to make the vertical ascent of Sherman Pass as quickly as possible! Read more

Shawn Daurelio is headed to Leadville 100!

Shawn medal Shawn Daurelio is headed to Leadville 100!

My father qualified in for Leadville 100 at a qualifier race in Austin this April. He called me and told me the news and said, “your going, right?”  I hadn’t planned on racing the 100 mile mountain bike race this year as I’ve done it the past two years. But seeing how my father will be there, I made arrangements and signed up for the qualifier event in Tahoe, CA. Read more

KHS Factory Racing MTB Camp at Brian Head Ski Resort in Utah

quintonflyer KHS Factory Racing MTB Camp at Brian Head Ski Resort in Utah
KHS Factory Racing is having a MTB camp for anyone interested. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. Only (21) spots to fill. Coaches include; Logan Binggeli, Kevin Aiello and Quinton Spaulding.
The camp includes an all inclusive;
•Two days of Top Level Professional MTB Coaching
•Bike Setup
•Lift Passes
•Shuttle Access
•Goodie Bags (KHS Sponsors)
•Access to our Race Pits
•Freestyle Ramp with Airbag Landing (Logan Binggeli backflip techniques)
PLEASE email; for details, and to book your spot now, as they are limited and will go FAST.
For more info click here
Come and join us for a great time, and learn how to go faster from training to diet. It is MTB Science & How to Win.”

An Emotional Win By Shawn Daurelio

Shawn2 1024x789 An Emotional Win By Shawn DaurelioPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

It was 95 degrees, windy, and smelled like slaughtered cattle in Ontario.  With the dry/hot conditions I was glad to have the hydration and fuel of Hammer Nutrition on my side.

By lap two of the 75 minute event there were 12 guys off the front. Three SoCal Cycling riders, myself, and the rest were from one man teams. The guys were rotating nicely and we were easily putting time into the field. I launched for a prime and rode off the front to see how the other 11 other riders would react. They kept the rotation going so I settled back into the group. I went and got another prime, then a third. As I was off the front just after taking the third prime, Shawn Wayland from Serious Cycling came with me. I said, this is good, lets go.

Read more

Tour of America’s Dairyland By Steven Davis

StevenToad3 1024x682 Tour of America’s Dairyland By Steven DavisPhoto Credit: Danny Munson

This is an event that sounded very enticing after hearing about it from countless people over the last year.  From the crowds, $1000 primes, technical difficulty of the courses, to the overall stellar competition that frequents these races, I had been chewing on the possibility of attending someday.   Well, that opportunity presented itself, and I jumped!  After racing Tulsa Tough and The North Star Grand Prix, my travel plans were designed to have me return home to San Diego for two weeks in order to train for National Championships in Madison, WI.  One thing led to another, with a confluence of events leading me to the idea that racing ToAD, only 90 miles from Madison, would be better training, less travel, and more importantly – great race experience.   I am relatively new to this sport and the majority of my experience comes from road racing, ToAD would provide a tremendous opportunity to gain a wealth of experience with 11 days of racing. Ten of which are criteriums that last 90 minutes, around 6 to 8-turn circuits on city streets, with rough roads, manholes, etc.  The focus here is on speed and technical prowess.  This is where being physically fit only takes you halfway, with the other half residing in the importance of technical skill as well as courage (cojones)! Read more